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The GECKO3 is a development system based on an FPGA for system-on-chip, VLSI designs and educational purpose. The Gecko2 was developed in 2001. Meanwhile the requirements have risen and new ideas indicate that it is time for a new generation. The new generation includes a wider concept then the old one. It is now a multi-module system with great flexibility, containing a new FPGA board, the GECKO3main and and other application related boards (including a robot plattform). This concept fulfills the requirements for a scalable system from a simple educational system, in combination with the robotic module, to high speed systems for image-processing, telecommunication and signal-processing applications. The Gecko3main board includes:

  • FPGA with 1 up to 4Mio. gates
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Enough RAM and Flash to support Linux (128 MByte DDR SDRAM, 32 MByte NOR Flash)
  • Ethernet interface
  • Small, as size range of a credit card
  • Compatible with IP-Cores included in the Xilinx EDK and from
  • Licensed under an opensource license (likely the LGPLv3)

At the project location there will be the current prototypes, the development team including there tools. If you are interested in FPGA/PLD programming and other hardware related discussions feel free to meet us. We are located at Area42 Village

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