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Who are You at the Camp?

Here you can post a Picture from you and you Name/Contact Informations (if you want)


[edit] Silicium


  • Jabber:
  • CCC Zuerich
  • Also known as "Heidi" from OpenBSD Bikini Contest

[edit] Nivek


  • MSN:
  • Nivek from the IrishPirate Village
  • Website:

Also, i'm looking to get in touch with all the people who hung out with us at the IrishPirateVillage. I lost your email addresses on my phone, so if you see this, drop me an email :).

[edit] Tyrel McMahan

  • Jabber:
  • Tyrel McMahan, Sites Podcast, Media, near OpenBSD Camp CCC2007

[edit] Sam


  • sam [at]
  • Or find me on Facebook...
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