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Anyone working with Pd here?

We are working on an interactive illumination for a tent, there are so many blinky things around here, but we didn't brought some. So we decided to do this with our notebook's screens. It should be interactive, blinking and maybe making some noises. We did it in Pd / Pure-Data (

[edit] What's done so far

We did a Camp-Phone => Pd-Interface so you can control it with your Dect-Phone. When you press a key it changes the color and makes a sound.

[edit] Extending

Would be nice to do something together with some more tents. Maybe you have some other nice hardware like some lights or whatever lying around. But at the moment the software-part is pretty simple and kind of boring, so that should be extended first.

Too bad I only saw this AFTER getting home from the camp :(( Any URL/email/IRC I can contact you on to discuss this, even though the camp is over. Maybe we can put together a project for 2009?

Well, it didn't even work properly, the Eventphone-Sip-Server acted kind of strange. I hope I'll have some more lighting-equipment (and a car) for 2009. You can contact me in jabber: or mail chris -ed- proquari -dod- at

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