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My name is Bernd User:Blux Luxenburger I am 22 years old and I plan to travel to CCC2007 by car.

Im not shure if I realy drive myself, or if I hitch by someone else who also starts his travel from Saarland. So write here and we'll plan this drive together.

If I drive with my own car I could carry 1 ore 2 Persons depending on the package we'll take with us. I drive an Renault Kangoo so I think a litte space will be there.

I'd like to get to know the persons who will join this track early, so contact me early. It's because I don't think I can drive the whole track to Berlin alone, and I'll like to know whom I commit my car.

Perhaps (if more pepole and cars from Saarland join) we'll build our own "Saarland village" with our tents at Berlin :-D.

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