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Calling all Pirates, plunderers and pillagers! There be booty at this camp! Camp Anaconda sponsors the (probably) first ever CCC camp Scavenger hunt. Get to know the grounds, the people, and your fellow campers while competing for (probably) fabulous prizes! The Quest will commence on Day 1 of the camp. Come pick up the list at the Camp Anaconda Headquarters, or look back here once the contest begins. The game ends 19:30, Day 4 (Saturday) at Camp Anaconda, where we will judge your booty, tally points, and distribute prizes!

[edit] Judges


[edit] Rules & Tips

REMEMBER: This wiki is publically editable...
There will be paper printouts of the list at Camp Anaconda at some point today, as well as pdf's on a pen drive for you to put on your computer.


1) No traveling outside the camp for items. The idea is to hunt within the camp.

2) Judges decisions are final and subjective. Even though a item has a assigned point value, You may get more points for extra effort and less points for not enough effort. For example, if we ask you to bring us someone that looks like Bill Gates, and you bring us Bill Gates himself, extra points. If we ask for a laptop running WindowsMe, and you bring us a WindowsME install disk, less points. ALL POINT TOTALS ARE FINAL

3) Organizers are NOT responsible for your conduct, we are barely responsible for our own. All items on the list can be obtained legally (more or less), so use your head. If you get arrested or thrown out of the camp we can not help you.

4) No bribing the judges unless you bring enough for all of them. It's only fair.

5) The hunt runs from noon on aug 9th to noon on aug 11th. Any and all items must be submitted, brought performed, what have you, at the final contest on Day 4 (Saturday) @ 19:30.

6) No item may be submitted twice.

7) Fair Play above all else, this is a game and we are here to have fun. You can upset the other teams apple cart in the name of good clean fun, but remember your sportsmanship, we will disqualify for misconduct.

8) Hacker Foundation, and anyone else actually, are allowed to publish your items, your submitted photos, and other documentation of the event on the website and elsewhere for promotional and archival purposes.

9) Most of these "items" can be interpreted subjectively. Points can be added and deducted for creative and interesting interpretations.

10) Funny always wins.


1) All items on the list can be obtained legally, it may take some social engineering, or BENDING the rules a bit, but it can be done.

2) Look over the entire list, some things are worth a lot more points than others. You don't need to get all the items, you just need the most points. Choose wisely.

3) You have three days to complete the hunt. Take the time to plan, if an item is taking too much time, move on to something else, thats why we have so many on the list.

5) Don't forget to have fun, and see the camp!!!!!!


So you have an idea of how much time to spend on a given item, we've followed our fearless leader's lead and used the Homeland Security threat level system to tell you how afraid ought to be.

threat levels

[edit] The List

REMEMBER: This wiki is publically editable...
There will be paper printouts of the list at Camp Anaconda at some point today, as well as pdf's on a pen drive for you to put on your computer.

_____ [low] 5.25 inch floppy
_____ [low] AOL disk (points for each)
_____ [low] Know all names of all the villages in the camp? recite them for us from memory
_____ [low] a bible
_____ [low] drag queen
_____ [low] german stamps
_____ [low] german telephone book
_____ [low] idiots guide to anything
_____ [low] most interesting piece on non-seasonal clothing
_____ [low] photo of lenin statue in most compromising position
_____ [low] picture of you with a celebrity (points for each)
_____ [low] printed ascii porn
_____ [low] ramen noodles
_____ [guarded] American cities named after European cities
_____ [guarded] Use AIM? Jabber? show us the nick with the most buddy's ONLINE (any instant messenger protocol, NOT IRC)
_____ [guarded] a picture of your mother
_____ [guarded] a top hat
_____ [guarded] best fake mugshots of team members
_____ [guarded] best made up drink
_____ [guarded] best name of made drink
_____ [guarded] best website evar!!!
_____ [guarded] business card of a gynecologist
_____ [guarded] currency from the furthest distance from the camp
_____ [guarded] european to american power converter!
_____ [guarded] funniest item you can buy for 50 cents
_____ [guarded] funniest shaped key
_____ [guarded] gather something from each village without them knowing!
_____ [guarded] how many hackers doses it take to screw in a light-bulb?
_____ [guarded] keg tap
_____ [guarded] live animal
_____ [guarded] longest beard
_____ [guarded] map of middle earth
_____ [guarded] most exotic sim card
_____ [guarded] oldest computer book or non-digital manual
_____ [guarded] oldest laptop
_____ [guarded] person wrapped in rj-45
_____ [guarded] phallic fruit or vegetables
_____ [guarded] photo of a teammate masticating
_____ [guarded] stand alone (not built in) modem
_____ [guarded] stupidest USB device
_____ [guarded] this bag has been searched by homeland security tag (points for each)
_____ [guarded] twins (points for each)
_____ [guarded] urinal cake
_____ [elevated] What do you mean Lenin doesn't have a myspace page, how square!
_____ [elevated] a CD collection
_____ [elevated] a chunk of pure evil
_____ [elevated] ask an angel to give you a piggy back ride
_____ [elevated] chocolate chip cookies (enough for the judges :)
_____ [elevated] coin dated the year the ccc started
_____ [elevated] explain to us why new york is the big apple
_____ [elevated] explain your slang
_____ [elevated] find an american who can name the original 13 colonies
_____ [elevated] get banned from efnet with a handle that involves a fruit
_____ [elevated] hack the gibson
_____ [elevated] how many wars has the US been in, with who, and who won? (be creative)
_____ [elevated] l33t hackers all have rollerblades
_____ [elevated] make us a souvenir from your home country
_____ [elevated] mashed potatoes and gravity
_____ [elevated] match the US president with the scandal (show your work)
_____ [elevated] most customized laptop
_____ [elevated] oldest piece of ccc swag (t-shirt, stickers, etc)
_____ [elevated] person with the strongest bavarian accent at the camp
_____ [elevated] post a plane, helicopter, tank, hangar or statue of Lenin on ebay
_____ [elevated] put a teammate into a piece of luggage
_____ [elevated] shirt with the most holes in it that you can still wear
_____ [elevated] sing the theme of "Heidi"
_____ [elevated] sing us a school house rock song
_____ [elevated] someone older than 85 with ID
_____ [elevated] something that says "made in canada"
_____ [elevated] take a photo of camp attendees who resemble Santa Claus, Bill Gates, Neo from the Matrix (points for each)
_____ [elevated] take candy away from a baby
_____ [elevated] tent with carpet
_____ [elevated] tumbleweed at judgement
_____ [elevated] write and perform a geeky rap detailing how the internet works
_____ [high] 100 signatures for a petition of your invention
_____ [high] 100 tent stakes
_____ [high] 100 toothbrushes
_____ [high] 100 unused condom from at least 3 different countries
_____ [high] Chaos Computer Camp's Village People and perform "DMCA" in costume
_____ [high] Tesla coil
_____ [high] arrange a barbershop quartet to sing a song about camp
_____ [high] bring us ether for the ethernet, tokens for the token ring, onions for onion routing, trust for the web of trust, and a secure socket layer cake
_____ [high] ccc related tattoo
_____ [high] edible multi-colored apple logo
_____ [high] entire team in drag
_____ [high] facial tattoo
_____ [high] make a working 20x20 sudoku puzzle
_____ [high] one of your teammates weight in ______
_____ [high] printed ascii porn from dot matrix printer, and on “greenbar”
_____ [high] series of tubes
_____ [high] streak through someone's talk
_____ [high] translate Abbott and Costello's Who's on first? into a language other than english
_____ [high] wooden lock and wooden key
_____ [high] write a haiku in assembly that rhymes
_____ [high] write a love poem to Richard Stallman and email it to him
_____ [high] write some code and submit it ransom note style (cut out letters from newspapers or magazines, and glue them together on a piece of paper)
_____ [severe] Osama Bin Laden
_____ [severe] Schindler's list
_____ [severe] albino porn
_____ [severe] best real mugshots of team members
_____ [severe] chlamydia
_____ [severe] cold fusion
_____ [severe] flux capacitor
_____ [severe] get a photo with nick and one of your teammates with no pants!
_____ [severe] gingerbread house of ill repute
_____ [severe] make an alternative keyboard
_____ [severe] missing watergate tapes
_____ [severe] periodic table table
_____ [severe] put kevin back
_____ [severe] time machine
_____ [severe] uranium

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