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[edit] High altitude balloon

Start of the ballon

The amateur radio people from ChaosWelle have launched a hydrogen balloon during the afternoon of Day 4.

[edit] News

  • We received no message since 17:34, the recovery team is on the way, looking for the balloon.

[edit] Details

  • First unsuccessful try this morning. The string connecting the balloon to the payload broke, and the balloon went up alone -snif- ;-)
  • Second start at 16:35 in front of shelter bar.
  • The payload contains:
    • A digital photo camera
    • A GPS which sends its position every 30seconds using APRS (reception not trivial though...)
    • A Cell phone as a backup to send the position through SMS text messages
    • A parachute
  • The balloon is supposed to pop in high altitude, and the payload would descend with the parachute.
  • update - it looks like that we lost the package close to the last tracking point. It is probable that the bad weather together with a too low climb rate is the cause for an early pop. We hope that somebody finds it and calls the number noted on the package - the possible touch down area has a size of about 1 sqare Mile

[edit] Start

[edit] Tracking

It is possible to track the balloon on the following web sites:

[edit] Similar projects

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