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[edit] Google Earth 3D Map


3D Camp Map, viewable and browsable with Google earth version > 4. Have fun. Please toggle the Layer "Terrain" off - the Terrain information from Google Earth is not correct - otherwise a part of the camp will vanish into the Ground.

[edit] Version

version 0.6 contains

  • Camp Area
  • Basic Places
  • Villages that provided useful location information in the wiki
  • Some more Projects
  • Some food places
  • Big Tents and Containers
  • first Panoramas
  • first small tents
  • Microkopter airphotos

[edit] Send me your Placemark

Link your Placemark here or send me your Placemark via email. There is also a Map at the Information where you can mark your Project/Village.

Geraffel Village:
(near Dylan)

[edit] Help

would be nice to link some photos/panoramas later. maybe a cheap LAMP database will follow to make things easier. if you want to help me, please let me know.

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