Wiki is online; start entering Assemblies and Projects!

We are proud to announce that the wiki for the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress is up-and-running, please go ahead and participate!

If you want to announce and coordinate your assembly space, please apply soon.

Please be aware of the deadline on 1st of December. This already is in three two weeks!

See you there.

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3 Responses to “Wiki is online; start entering Assemblies and Projects!”

  1. rtn says:

    Thanks for the wiki – any particular reason why I should have to log in to see the recent changes?

  2. martl says:

    hey, I cannot add a self-organized session to the wiki, cause its limited to Administrators… can u fix this, please? thx in advance. Martina

    • foo says:

      quoting: “start entering assemblies and projects”.
      there are reasons why the forms for sessions and lightning talks arent open yet…