Villages! The wiki is there: Go and fill it up!

Please go ahead and create your village!

camp2015-01-view(picture from psi36)

camp2015-02-1077453896_d93b2e99a2_z(picture from cosmoflash)

What do we want you to do?

First of all, we want you to feel good and cozy in your temporary home at Camp2015.

camp2015-20-cozy4(picture from nuridao)

camp2015-19-cozy3(picture from hagengraf)

camp2015-18-cozy2(picture from simonox)

camp2015-17-cozy1(picture from zomb)

We’d love to see if your village would also provide space for others to join in, e.g. like those guys did last time:

camp2015-03-providing(picture from cosmoflash)

camp2015-21-provide(picture from vrde)

And we are super curious to see your installations and constructions!

camp2015-04-installations(picture from maxraschke)

camp2015-22-construct(picture from geektechnique)

Bring ALL THE lamps!

camp2015-05-lamp(picture from pixelmurder)

Be assured, we will have our lamps in place, too:

camp2015-26-light2(picture from pixelmurder)

camp2015-06-trees(picture from melle)

Don’t forget to have a Plan B for all possible situations, for everything…

camp2015-07-umbrella(picture from maxraschke)

As usual the group of volunteers organizing the camp….

camp2015-09-servercamp2015-08-datenklo(picture from geektechnique and cosmoflash)

… will organize some connectivity and power to your tent, too. Be part!

camp2015-10-wired(picture from powl)

Cause its not only about the Art’n’beauty… it’s also about you bringing your gear and playing around with it on site…


camp2015-23-audio-village(all three pictures from psi36)

…organizing workshops for sharing and developing together:

camp2015-11-workshop(picture from geektechnique)

But, that also also not only what camp is about: If you want to bring music, do let us know when you fill up the village form.

camp2015-12-blaster(picture from psi36)

But don’t worry, there will be a good place for music, too. Remember the Trockendock?

camp2015-13-party(picture from pixelmurder)

BTW: This time we will have a lake again!

camp2015-14-lake(picture from hagengraf)

Still you can bring your own pools, please! (But let us know)

camp2015-15-pool(picture from maxraschke)

camp2015-16-pool2(picture from cosmoflash)

Last but not least, if you have something crazy in mind: Go ahead, but speak to us first!

camp2015-15-things(picture from cosmoflash)

See you there!