Camp Field Day on Sat 21st March

On Saturday, 21st of March we’ll visit the camp site to have a first look and exchange ideas and plans.

Please come and join us if you plan to be part of a village or project that has special needs, e.g. regarding place and infrastructure. Also feel invited if you are part of a team and/or if you are willing to spend a good amount of your time to support us organizing the camp. If you plan to do anything special (like a really big tent or another temporary structure), where getting a feel for the site would make things easier, please feel free to sign-up for the visit!

We’ll meet either at 11 AM in Berlin for a bus-shuttle, or at 1 PM directly at Ziegeleipark in Mildenberg.

Please tell us if you want to attend by writing us an e-mail in English or German to

  • subject: “Field day [with bus-shuttle]”,
  • your name and/or nick,
  • your motivation: what do you want to do for the camp, which team and/or which village do you belong to, what is your project and needs, and what are your other plans and ideas or reasons you want to attend?
  • if you want to join the bus: yes/no
  • Include any further questions and information that you might have.

Please let us know if you’re interested asap as we need to have an idea about the number of people who want to take the bus and who want to attend in general.

See you there!