Simultaneous translations at 31C3

_31C3 is getting closer, and the translation team is once again at the ready to translate all German talks into English, and also a selection of English talks into German.

You can listen in on the streams by either selecting the appropriate stream, or by changing the stream audio channel (if your player allows). If you are on the Eventphone DECT network, you can dial in to various streams: 8011 for Saal 1, 8012 for Saal 2, 8014 for Saal G, and 8016 for Saal 6.

Call for translators

If you are multilingual and fluent in German and English, please consider joining the translation team. Simply send an email to “translate-subscribe(at)” and mail a quick intro to the mailing list after subscribing. Also sign up as a translation angel at the Engelsystem.

Don’t be shy. If you are uncertain whether your English or German is good enough, chances are that you’ll do just fine. If we believe you might be struggling, we will talk it over, no harm done. So please, take this chance and help us bring C3 to an even wider international audience.

For more information, you can contact us on Twitter @c3translate or via mail to translate(at) (after subscribing).

See (and possibly hear) you at 31C3!