Video live-streams and recordings at 31C3

Like in the previous years, we’re going to supply everyone, and especially those of you who cannot attend 31C3, with live streams (also see the wiki for more information) and recordings of (almost) all of the talks in the four lecture halls of this year’s Congress. In addition, we’ll also support the Sendezentrum, the Lounge and the ambient Chillout Area with their streaming efforts.

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Like every year, we’ve been working on a lot of improvements for our setup, some of which will be directly visible to you, while others will mainly help us with the releasing process, prevent us from going insane during those four days or were just fun to try out.

For your benefit, here are some of the things that will be new/different this year. There might be more coming, but we won’t spoil the surprise yet:

  • After the successful test run with HD in Saal 1 during 30C3, we’re going to deliver HD streams and recordings from all the lecture halls during 31C3.
  • We’ve been experimenting with multicast streaming within the event network for quite some time, but this year we actually managed to clear it with the NOC beforehand. We’d like you to participate in this experiment and tell us how it worked for you.
  • In preparation for CCCamp 2015, we’re going to test a new DVB-T setup. We’re going to set up three 500mW DVB-T transmitters to cover most of the CCH.
    Please do bring your DVB-T receiving devices!
  • Our friends from the subtitles team will be trying their hands on live subtitling this year. There will be a website which will allow you to view those subtitles on your mobile device. In Saal 1, they’ll also be shown on the projector in an effort to raise awareness for this topic.
  • To further aid those with impaired hearing, the audio induction loops of the CCH will be active in all main lecture halls.
  • Due to popular demand (and because they’ll land there anyway) we will publish all talks and their audio translation not only on the website but also on YouTube. You can subscribe to our channel to suggest the platform that you might like to get notified on new recordings.

We hope to give a great Congress to all those who can’t be on-site as well as to those who like to watch the streams while hacking. Follow @c3streaming on Twitter for Congress-related information and @c3voc for general news from the CCC video universe.

– The 31C3 Video Operation Center
A joint venture of AGS, c3voc, FeM.