There is Art & Culture at 31C3

After the big success of the Art & Culture track at the 30c3 we knew it would be hard to get a program as good as this one again. But yes, we succeeded. We got some great submissions to our lovely planning systems and we acquired some others.

I want to make a short walk through of the A&C track to give you a glimpse on what you can expect from these talks. Please note that the talks here have no particular order:

    There is this old appartment in Chemnitz which had not been touched for 20 years. Time stood still in these rooms until people were allowed to get inside it via robots. The talks is about the experience people made when walking the line between curiosity and voyeurism.
  • Superheros still need phoneboxes (English)
    Let’s think about a network where people share their free minutes on their mobile contracts. People who use this network need to think about identity. The talk will be about the experience made with this network at the FutureEverything festival 2014.
  • Attribution Revolution (English)
    In the light of the cultural revolution made with CC licenses we now need to think about attribution of art. In a world where everything is a remix, who is involved in this piece of art?
  • Serenität – Anleitung zum Glücklichsein (German)
    Most of you know Elektra from her engagement in Freifunk and Meshnetworks. Here she is presenting her newest protocol on how to be happy. Get in touch with the art letting the brain brain and stop thinking.
  • The Only Thing We Know About Cyberspace Is That Its 640×480 (English)
    Remember Geocities? Remember that it had been shut down? Yeah, sad. Now here is the ultimative presentation of its content in context of digital folklore. get some perls of the 90ies!
  • Die Krise der Bilder ist die Krise der Politik (German)
    Pictures, their creation and their reception are changing. This talk is trying to give answers why there is no good picture for surveillance and we might know afterwards how much of politics is an orchestration of pictures. (Highly pictured)
  • The Machine To Be Another (English)
    Let’s explore each others identity with machines and neuroscience!
  • The Taste of Surveillance (German/English)
    “The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our resistance.” Let’s ge t a view on artistic treatment of privacy and surveillance. Get a lecture about ethical and cultural questions while you consume art.
  • [“Exploit” in theatre][9] (English)
    Coming from the DiscourseFestival directly to Hamburg! This talk will give us an insight into the “california ideology” and three different plays as counter-examples. In fact the question is “post-existentialism” not “post-privacy”.
  • [»Hard Drive Punch«][10] (German)
    Aram Barthol is coming again to the congress. Let’s talk about the destruction of data(storage) and maybe we will gain insight in some new ways of destroying data.
  • [The Magical Secrecy Tour][11] (English)
    Get first time insight of the footage taken while people were driving through berlin and were visiting locations involved in surveillance. Get an artistic glimpse on how you can create a new reception of a building or location. It is year two after the Snowden-files had been published and year two where we still walk past the surveillance complex and nothing has changed.

Thanks for reading through and we see each other in Hamburg or at a [Congress everywhere][12] location near you.

tomate from the Art&Culture Content Team

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