tl;dr: CFP ends on 11.08.2014 at 12:00 PM (MESZ)
The End is near


Prime contractors of the MRMCD 2014 building announce the end of the CFP construction phase which is scheduled for the upcoming weekend. Building companies which haven’t submitted a offering are kindly requested to submit their proposal as soon as possible.

The construction management is looking forward to plan the schedule next week. A draft can be expected to be published on the 14.08.2014.

Due to a generous grant by the Chaos Computer Club the MRMCD construction management can afford to pay accomodation and/or travel for proposing building companies (also called speaker). If a submission would otherwise not be possible due to financial constraints, we are happy to help out.

construction management MRMCD14

PS: The presale for visitors of the event will close in less than a week!