Call for beans!

Dear fellow coffee lover,

a small group of nerds will for the first time set up an assembly on coffee at the 30C3.
At the moment the group is fairly small: If you’re dedicated to excellent coffee, please join us. We appreciate nice-looking coffee machines, geekz with their own favorite method of pouring coffee, or anything else related to coffee you have lying around.

One project in our assembly will be a bean exchange: Bring your favorite beans, sort them according to their taste, and take beans others brought home with you – obviously not without tasting them before. If you want to participate, don’t forget to bring some bags of your favorite beans.

If you want to spend time on hanging out and sipping excellent coffee, don’t hesitate to join our assembly.

If you have further ideas for workshops or projects, please tell us about them. The vision of our assembly is trying out different kinds of brewing coffee, with the overall goal to extract the full body of taste of your favorite bean. Or convince your fellow coffee nerds that there is a bean with a better taste around.

Explicit disclaimer: We do not provide the service of producing coffee for all hackers, but similar to other assemblies we’re nerds in this area, rather than being service-oriented. For those who need some warm caffeine to wake up, please go to the caterer instead.

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9 Responses to “Call for beans!”

  1. rohieb says:

    It seems your assembly link is broken. Nevertheless, take this one:

  2. Natanji says:

    Can you please call the assembly “Coffee of Doom” like in Questionable Content? :D

  3. The Barn says:

    Will there be “No stroller” signs?

    Will there be some baristas serving casual insults?

    Also: which kind of mustache is the most acceptable to show up?

    • Martin says:

      All moustaches are acceptable, of course!

      As for the baristas: Sorry, as this is all self-service, there probably won’t be any baristas insulting you. But, please, feel free to come by the infodesk with your cup of coffee to get a free insult of your choice, dickhead! ;-)

  4. Amplitron says:

    You might want to consider geting in touch with our assembly (Rollwerk) as we will bring along a couple of soxhlet extractors which might be used/abused for coffee brewing.

  5. Trottelreiner says:

    you fiend… ;)

    on another note, what about cold water extraction methods and other caffeine containing plants?

    it has been some years, but last time i tried, my cold extract from camellia sinensis was quite popular with test subj^w^w fellow consuments.

  6. Mr. Tea says:

    Und was ist mit Tee?