Online maps of the 29c3!

We now have interactive online maps of the 29c3 available at Feedback is always welcome on the channel on hackint.

7 Responses to “Online maps of the 29c3!”

  1. Haegar says:

    The link should say, not

  2. Merovius says:

    Nice. Now we only need live-navigation for our smartphones („siri, how to get to assembly x?“) and I get a nerdgasm ;)

  3. lsr says:

    what i really miss btw is the “intermission music” from saal1 in berlin. i got so accustomed to it :-)

    • Kreuvf says:

      Even worse was that they were playing Britney Spears and other mainstream music before 11:30 am on day 2 in room 4.