Unloading at 29c3? Go to Tiergartenstraße 2!

If you’re unloading a vehicle with equipment or other stuff you plan to use at the 29c3, put Tiergartenstraße 2, 20355 Hamburg in your GPS.  Head to Eingang A Eingang C and check with the Angel or Security Guard inside for further instructions.  Please use this entry only for loading and unloading.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

5 Responses to “Unloading at 29c3? Go to Tiergartenstraße 2!”

  1. Kreuvf says:

    Question regarding a quite different kind of “unloading”: is the toilet situation better than in Berlin? ;)

    • Nick Farr says:

      OH yes! Much, much better. I stopped counting the number of lavatories when I hit 20 or so. They are about the same size, sometimes bigger, and spread everywhere throughout the house.