Tickets ready for download

Your ticket is ready for download and print at

Please print the PDFs and bring the paper with you. Cashdesks will open in the night before day one.

Update: Now it’s also possible to download tickets as Passbook files.


20 Responses to “Tickets ready for download”

  1. S0me0ne says:

    Isn’t it enough to copy the ticket on one of my favourite mobile device?

  2. bios says:

    yes, this will also work. We will also have a fancy solution for this in the next few hours ;)

  3. zakx says:

    You can also download your ticket as a passbook for certain mobile devices.

    Be aware that we still prefer paper tickets, as they tend to scan much faster.

  4. Nino Tores says:

    Is it o.k. to print the tickets in format DIN-A5 ?

  5. c3o says:

    Can you buy tickets at the cash desk, or just entry bands?
    (ie. do you have to show up in person or can you send someone else)

    • force4 says:

      Usually, the bands will be crimped right after buying, so you have to show up in person.

  6. Bobson says:

    There was some trouble with a ticket printed on A5-size paper at 28c3 last yr..
    I printed mine on A5 again… :)

    • force4 says:

      Even if the QR-Code is not readably by the scanner, we are able to verify the specific ticket. Please make sure the QR-Code is not blurred to avoid waiting times.

    • Deelkar says:

      Should be less of a problem this year, as the QR-Code is less complex and has no fancy logo stuff that impacted the redundancy the last year(s).

  7. schreu says:

    Should the download already work?
    For me it does not.

    • bios says:

      Yeah, please check whether your ticket status is marked as paid.

      • narle9 says:

        Hello! I paid via online banking on the 18. and it transferred on the 20. but mine isn’t marked as paid and I can’t download my tickets!

  8. chrissicool says: gives me a connection refused error at the moment. Hope you guys can fix this soon, so I can grab my tickets.


  9. Amplitron says:

    Apperantly my payment hasnt arived yet. What happens if the payment doesn’t arive in time? Will I lose my ticket?