Yes, We Will Sell Some Tickets In Hamburg

Quite some people asked, whether there will be Congress tickets for sale at 29C3 once they get there.

Generally the answer is “Yes, you will be able to buy tickets at our cash desks”.

To answer that question more precisely: We will have about 1000 4-day tickets for sale in Hamburg. First come, first serve. So, you probably don’t need to worry, but if you want to be sure to get a ticket, be there early.

Moreover, we’ll sell day tickets as well. But same here – there’s a limit of 1000 per day, too.

12 Responses to “Yes, We Will Sell Some Tickets In Hamburg”

  1. x4FF3 says:

    How much will a day ticket cost?

  2. Zorica says:

    I buy tickets weel ago by internet and I didn`t recive yet a ticket, also I try to log in again on account for presale and I can`t in,also I try to contact your team, neithet from them I didn`t have any unswer,please I have confirmations that ticket are payed I must download them because It must be forward, I already explane everthing that we are travel agency

    • bios says:

      I answered your email to 29C3-tickets.
      Please reply with your problem with the ticket preorder system. Thanks!

  3. Andrea Doria says:

    I like to go to the 29C3 just on Saturday (29.12.) and buy a day-ticket.
    When does the ticket counter open for Saturday-Day-Tickets ? Is it possible to buy a day ticket (from these 1000) at the ticket counter for Saturday only on Saturday ?

    • jz says:

      Day tickets will only be sold on the day of their vadility. So if you want to have a day-ticket for sunday, you’ll have to buy it on sunday.

  4. meinewenigkeit says:

    could a friend buy a ticket for me there if i come a day later?

  5. Reinier Bakels says:

    At what time, the ticket office will open on 26/12?
    Ab welche Uhrzeit kann ich Karten bekommen am 26.12?

    • Yoni says:

      This is relevant to my interests.

      “Checkin” at the Gym is possible from 6pm, but to enter you have to buy a Gym ticket at the ticket office first.

      • geir says:

        Is “gym ticket” same as “night ticket”? Is access to gym included in a “day ticket”?

    • qifuhqsiuh says:

      Relevant to my interests as well.

  6. Last minute contest :

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