Order congress wear until Sunday!

This is a kind reminder to all of you out there who haven’t ordered tickets and congress wear yet: Now is the time to do it!

We need to order the clothes soon. Pre-ordering them in the online ticket system will only be possible until Sunday, November 18th. The ticket-presale however will stay online.

Please go to presale.events.ccc.de and preorder your shirt, hoodie or zipper.

More mock ups of the congress wear are available in the congress wiki:

Zipper Women Navy

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13 Responses to “Order congress wear until Sunday!”

  1. Korrupt says:

    Hm… just the payment confirmation for the ticket. logged in, i cannot see any opportunity to preorder congress wear. https://presale.events.ccc.de redirects to https://presale.events.ccc.de/tickets/ with the same result.

  2. Max says:

    I have a problem with the payment of my tickets. I paid the tickets on 5 November, but the website still hasn’t confirmed my payment.

    I’ve emailed 29c3-tickets@cccv.de about this 3 days ago, but haven’t heard anything since. My tickets will be released tomorrow, so I hope this can be resolved quickly.

    • D3v3l says:

      Same here. Tomorrow 8PM my time runs out. Paid the tickets the very moment I ordered them. No response from 29c3-tickets@cccv.de either.

    • Peter says:

      Max: Please be patient regarding the payment for tickets. We are working on it, but we are somewhat overwhelmed. Your tickets will not be gone…

  3. Peter says:

    Will it be possible to buy clothes without a preorder at the congress?

    • sva says:

      no – and although it is already too late to preorder clothing :)

      • rickuz says:

        that sucks big time

        • sva says:

          sale closed five days ago, clothing needs to get picked up at the site, so what did you expect…?

        • gerdt says:

          They’re just red characters on a black sweater/t-shirt. You can whip one up yourself in almost any online shirt shop that does custom designs…

    • cpunkt says:

      It seems like there has been some misunderstanding. There will _definitely_ be clothing for sale on site without the need to pre-order. So, simply come to Hamburg, buy your shirts, sweaters or whatever you want on site.

  4. Lynoure says:

    I’m paying for my tickets from a Finnish web bank but the reference code for the payment is not in the international format. What should I do? There is also room for a free-form message, should I use that instead?

    • zakx says:

      The free-form field should be fine as long as it is being transmitted to the recipient (our bank).

      If your payment isn’t marked as paid within 10 days after you initiated the transfer, please send an email to 29c3-tickets@cccv.de. Be sure to include your payment reference, presale account name and any information we could use to find your transaction (i.e. name of the account holder, originating bank, etc).