29C3 – Tickets and Pricing

29C3 will cost us much more than standard tickets priced at 80 EUR will pay. Thus we’ll sell supporter tickets for 100 and 120 EUR. Please consider buying one of these. Help us minimize our losses and support others who can’t afford paying much more! Thanks a lot! :)

Moving the 29C3 to Hamburg will cost a lot of money. As far as we know yet, 80 EUR for a standard ticket will not cover those costs, even if a lot more people will show up at the conference. If we wanted 29C3 to make no loss, based on our current calculation, the price for a conference ticket should be something around 100 to 120 EUR.

Anyway, we will not raise the price for a standard ticket, keeping it at 80 EUR, since we know that some of you can’t afford paying more. For those of you who can’t even pay 80 EUR, please contact 29c3-friends@cccv.de and tell us a bit about yourself, what you’re doing and how much you could pay. Be sure, we’ll find a solution.

BUT, if you feel you can afford it, and if you feel that Congress might be worth it, please consider buying a supporter ticket. We sell these in two versions, one for 100 and the other one for 120 EUR. Which one you choose, if any, depends on you.

If you want your company to buy a ticket for you, or if you’d simply like to pay a bit more, we sell business tickets for 350 EUR. Please note that this is the only ticket type that comes with an invoice including a name and an address.

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53 Responses to “29C3 – Tickets and Pricing”

  1. yannik says:

    No up-and-coming tickets? :-(

  2. cpunkt says:

    there’ll be up-and-coming tickets, and they’ll be at the same price as last year. this article is for people who’d normally buy a standard ticket.

  3. Dario says:

    When will they start to be sold?

  4. sva says:

    soon :)

  5. denis says:

    how soon is now?

    • hugo says:

      The start of the pre-sale will be announced in a separate blog post, once everything is ready.

  6. Hendric says:

    Could you please a bit more precised about the up-and-coming tickets?

    • sva says:

      Hendric: The up-and-coming tickets will be as same as last year: not for pupils any more, but for everyone under the age of 18.

      Copy-pasta from the 29C3-FAQ (not online yet, coming soon as well): “With the ongoing internationalization of the Congress, it became harder for us to validate school ID cards from foreign visitors. As we are about to support the young generation, we changed the ticket system: We think it’s fair to say that everybody up to the age of 18 (as in: Birthday after 26.12.1994) is considered to be the “younger”. Please bring a (sufficiently convincing fake of a) document, in case we are in doubt about your age. If you are 18 or older, but for some reason you have trouble paying the full entrance fee, send us an email.”

      “Send us an email” is a reference to the friends-system, see http://events.ccc.de/2011/11/03/28c3-cant-afford-to-pay-the-full-price/ for more details. So if you e.g. still going to school and earning not enough money for paying the full price, just ask via email for a discount – I am really sure there will be a solution :)

  7. matze says:

    Will there be a gym this year?
    Like the one in berlin: http://events.ccc.de/congress/2011/wiki/Accommodation#The_Gym

  8. apr says:

    Personally, 120 EUR is fine with me.
    Would even go for a business ticket, but honestly 350 EUR is a bit heavy, given I’m running a one-man-company…

    Anyway, is there any shortage of tickets to be expected like with BCC or is this issue finally gone for good?

  9. Chris says:

    Hab ich es als einziger verpasst oder ist noch nicht bekannt gegeben worden, wo in Hamburg das ganze stattfinden wird.
    Vielen Dank für Eure Aufklärung

  10. Greg says:

    I’m really interested to come. That would be a the first time for me. Can i somewhere subscribe to an notification when tickets will be available?


  11. ostenx says:

    I’m really interested. Is it possible to have an invitation (required to get the visa)?

  12. Alfred says:

    What will I get out of paying 120 or 100 Euros besides the Knowledge of having paid more deliberately?

    If there is something, anything, please do tell!
    * Perhaps the Proceedings Included? That would be something I would pay for in Advance.
    * Or a “Thank you” Supporters-Only Lounge, that would be awesome! (Basically just a somewhat quiet Room to sit down for a bit.)
    * Or Limited Line-Cutting? (Just a Second Line. I mean, why not?)
    * Or a Supporters-Only (After-)Party, as a Thank you?

    Something, Anything?

    Is this kind of Subsidy really the right Choice?
    I think people would understand if you had adjusted the Base-Price a bit for Inflation.

    • sva says:

      No, there is nothing special. It is just as is has been said in the blog post: “29C3 will cost us much more than standard tickets priced at 80 EUR will pay” Would you really like to have different kind of participants at the congress? What would happen if would make a supporters lounge or party: there will be a first and second class society at the congress, do you really think that’ll be nice?

      • Alfred says:

        So therefore it’s better to make a two-class society with urging people to subsidize others without even getting some kind of Thank You-Gesture?

        I’m sure the 80EUR-Card-Buyers would let some kind of Gesture slide?

        Why don’t you adjust the Ticket-Price to the real cost or at least adjust it for Inflation?

        What about the Idea of People prebuying the Proceedings? Is that also a two-class thingy?

        • heng says:

          /me thinks you misunderstood the point about this being a voluntary support. if there would have been any kind of compensation for the money it wouldn’t be a supporter ticket, it would be ridicously overpriced merchandise…

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  14. CR says:

    Kann das sein, dass nirgends – auch beim CCC auf der Website steht, von wann bis wann der Congress stattfindet? Ich meine ja nur, für den Terminplaner sind Daten eigentlich ganz gut.

    5 min. später: heise sei dank, weiß ich jetzt Bescheid: 27.-30.12.2012

  15. ping says:

    Im Rahmen des Presales kann man auch Kleidung (T-Shirts etc.) kaufen. Daran habe ich Interesse.
    Gibt es irgendwo eine genauere Beschreibung dazu? Vielleicht auch Fotos? Wie fällt die Größe aus? Gibt es Erfahrungswerte zur Qualität?

  16. andrej says:


    can i pay online – for examlpe via Mastercard?

    Are there enough tickets – i am on hollydays, i ‘d buy a ticket form companys credit card next week . is this too late? Will there still be some tickets available?

    Thank you for your answer!

    Best regards

    • Martin says:

      You can pay your tickets once ordered also by Creditcard. Our card-processor accepts Mastercard, Visa and JCB-cards.

      Please note, that there is a creditcard-fee of 7.5% + 7.50€ per order.

      At this moment, there are still enough ticketes avaible, but it’s the same as every year: The sooner you buy, the better.

      But you could buy your tickets already now and just make the payment via credit-card when you have it ready – you don’t have to do the payment already when selecting your tickets.

  17. side says:

    Hello Guys, does anyone have a link for the schedule ? PDF or online.

    • Martin says:

      The schedule has not been released yet. As soon as this is done, we will post it here on the blog

  18. Jessica says:

    Kann ich eine Tageskarte auch im Vorverkauf erwerben?

    • Martin says:

      Nein, leider nicht. Tagestickets können nur vor Ort erworben werden.

      • zool says:

        Schön und gut, was ist der Tarif fuer ein vor ort erworbenes
        tagesticket? ich finde es unglaublich hart
        an diese basisinformationen zu kommen.

        Mal eben google fragen hat da nicht geholfen.

  19. dodo says:

    Are there a deadline for presale?

  20. Christian says:

    When will paid tickets be downloadable?

  21. Zorica says:

    I download tickets now, can somebody tell me I have one ticket more how I can refund the money.

  22. Dear Sir,

    I am Salah Almhamdi, a speaker at 29C3. I live in Tunisia and I haven’t received yet a plane ticket and hotel accommodation to come to Hamburg. Would you please help me fix those problems. I will speak on December 30.

    I look forward to hear from you.

  23. mrdanger says:

    Gibt es noch Tickets?

    • zool says:

      wuesst ich auch gerne, bleibt wohl nur 2000 km fliegen, 600 euro flugtickets – vor ort herausfinden…. suboptimal.

  24. Rox. says:

    Looking forward to 29C3, my last camp was HAL2001 in Twente = )..
    See you there guys !

  25. Hat jemand von Euch schon die gesonderte Rechnung bekommen? Im Download-Bereich kann ich nach wie vor nur das eigentliche Ticket herunterladen. Ohne die versprochene Rechnung kann ich dieses aber nicht einreichen. Am Cashdesk hieß es, die Rechnung wäre sicherlich bereits per Mail gekommen, aber ich habe selbst jetzt, lange nach der Veranstaltung, leider noch keine Rechnung bekommen.

    • bios says:

      Falls du kein Businessticket gekauft hast, ist das Ticket-PDF gleichzeitig auch deine Rechnung.

      Ansonsten schreib doch bitte mal kurz an 29c3-tickets@cccv.de, falls noch nicht geschehen.

      • Ralph Resech says:

        Also ich habe immer noch keine Rechnung für mein Business Ticket bekommen. Meine letzten 4 Mails an die oben genannte Email Adresse wurden nicht beantwortet und eine Telefonnummer gibt es wohl nocht.
        Hat hier irgendjemand inee Idee wie ich noch an die Rechnung kommen kann?

        • cpunkt says:

          Hallo Ralph,

          Doch, Du hast am 22.01. eine Rechnung per Mail an Deine dienstliche Adresse erhalten. Bitte schau da nochmal nach.