Why did you move the CCCongress to Hamburg (of all places)?


So, the news is out. 29C3 will be a whole new Congress experience in a new venue, not to mention that it will move to a new city (or come back home after 13 years in Berlin if you prefer that point of view). What made us do it?

First of all, it wasn’t because we didn’t like the wonderful crew at BCC anymore. In fact, we love them to pieces, rainbows and unicorns and all that. Over the years, we had much, much more than just a business relationship with the people at the Berliner Congress Center. Dare we say: friendship? Yes, it’s probably in order. When talking about the move, the first thing to mention is a huge, gigantic “Thank you!” to the BCC.

But then, the Congress had come to its limits at the old venue. The new venue is cool in more than one way:

  • We had limited space at the BCC. Tickets for the event were offered in an increasingly unfair lottery. Visiting Congress became a game of chance and tickets were usually sold within seconds. It’s sad to see your friends miss the chance to get a ticket two years in a row. It’s frustrating to have too many people crammed into a place that is cool, but let’s be honest, too small for maybe 4000 interested visitors. All these problems will be over with the new venue. You will get your ticket.
  • Again: Limited space. This meant only selected projects on display, not enough room to chill out and discuss stuff, mostly a rush from one talk to the next one to secure a seat. We will deal with this at the new venue.
  • The event itself became too predictable. Everything worked well. Things went too smoothly. We missed the opportunity to make new, exciting mistakes. As John Brunner wrote in The Shockwave Rider: “There are two kinds of fools. One says, ‘This is old, and therefore good.’ And one says, ‘This is new, and therefore better.’” We’ve had enough of the foolishness of the first kind. Let’s see some new foolishness.
  • The city of Hamburg likes us. They have offered their support in many ways that we’ll reveal in the next days once everything is finalized.
  • The CCH is a wonderful place. In fact, had it been located in Berlin, there would not have been a second of debate to move the Congress there. Now it’s in Hamburg, Germany’s own version of Seattle, a place with a history of interesting political events and influenced by the openness of its harbor that has seen ships from all over the world come and go. It could even welcome a ship from, say, San Francisco, if you were inclined to pull off such a stunt, although a conventional airport also exists. CCH is located directly next to the ICE train station Hamburg-Dammtor and is thus much, much more accessible that the BCC in Berlin ever was.

This being said, there is more in the pipeline that we’ll communicate when we can, i.e. when the ink on contracts has dried etc. Please be patient. But by all means, please be also enthusiastic about a great, all new Congress!

27 Responses to “Why did you move the CCCongress to Hamburg (of all places)?”

  1. Hartmut Reinke says:

    Welcome to Hamburg.

  2. Bernd says:

    As a Berliner, I am sad that the CCC moved to Hamburg. But I think it’s the right step.

    And a 3c congress without a few small catastrophes is just boring, isn’t it?

  3. chris says:


  4. Typ.o says:

    “Sie können Wlan nutzen”

    Aber das ist dann abgeschaltet, oder?!?

    Tarif 1: 1 Std., 5 € pro Stunde

    Zeitfenster gemäß Stoppuhr Prinzip, endet um 23.59 Uhr des Einlog-Tages
    Leistungsspektrum: Übertragungsrate 1 Mbit/s (shared)
    max. 50 MB Download

    Tarif 2: 1 Tag, 25 € pro Tag

    Zeitfenster von Log-in bis 23.59 Uhr des gleichen Tages
    Leistungsspektrum: Übertragungsrate 4 Mbit/s (shared)
    Max. 200 MB Download

    Tarif 3: 1 Tag, 75 € pro Tag

    wie Tarif 2, max. 1.000 MB Download

    • Will-h says:

      Your favourite NOC-team is already working on the network. There’s nothing to worry about here. :)

  5. Hmm says:

    CCC@CCH , henceforth to be known as 5CH ?

  6. Welcome says:

    but you got something wrong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XifJsTm6XIs

  7. lucile says:

    why we move to hamburg?001
    it is the same fun to say @ I love gunpowder@
    (hay no worrys Boys an Girls its only a thee)

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  9. Niklas says:

    Just FYI, things that Google Maps (or OSM) don’t say about the location: If you are at the at 29C3 and for some reason you’ve had enough of IT (Internet Things), then you have several options for almost every kind of taste:

    ***If you feel like more intellectual stuff, different kinds of food and maybe books printed on paper, you can go north where you will find the main campus of the university of hamburg.
    ***If you feel like post-christmas shopping in a standardized shopping street, you can go south to Mönkebergstraße and -once there- have a peek at the nice town hall. Not so much the bombing in the war, but much more the city developement plan of the last decades did not leave much of the old town, but here and there, you will find some nice remains.
    ***If you feel like having a walk in the park, this is actually the easiest thing to do, since the CCH is located in the middle of the horticultural jewel of Hamburg: “Planten und Blomen” (granted, winter is not time #1 to visit, but there is also a tropical green house and an ice skating range).
    ***If you miss Berlin too much, the Schanzenviertel west of the CCH might be a place to go. Pubs, coffee shops, a good variety of things to eat and a squat cultural center might give you what you crave for, even though it’s smaller and it’s simply not Berlin.
    ***In case you like drinking a lot of alcohol (and only then, otherwise its not bearable) you can go to the legendary Reeperbahn* in St. Pauli quater. Uncounted pubs, clubs, discos, strip clubs, whorehouses, thousands of drunken tourists, bachelor partys, people from the suburbs flipping out… as mentioned before: you better be well drunk to go there. But then it might be fun.

    In the end, the location of the CCH is pretty much right in the middle of the most interesting quaters of Hamburg, with a very good connection of public transport. It should be fun.

  10. Ulli says:

    Habt ihr schon Preise oder Vorstellungen zu den Preisen?
    Gibt es wieder Soziale Preise etc…



  11. sva says:

    As far as I know it is tried really hard to keep the prices as low as they were before. Also there will be the so-called friends system (“soziale Preise”) as well. But nothing is sure yet: Please be patient, it is still summer outside and this is still the chaos, you’re going to visit :)

    Also keep in mind that the congress is done only by the work of volunteers. We will do our very best, and you can do as well while beeing a part of it!

  12. M says:

    Will C5H be open 24h like the BCC? There is nothing quite like eating hot food at 5am and drinking club matte by a ballpit in the congress!

    • sva says:

      think it will be open all day and night, sure thing!

      Besides: the ballpit is not the best place for eat and drink – maybe even the worst. Do you want to volunteer with cleaning it this year? :)

  13. Martin says:

    Auf der CCH Seite ist der 29C3 noch nicht auf der Veranstaltungsseite aufgetaucht. Schlechtes Omen?

    • User0160 says:

      Ich denke nicht. Wenn der CCC es in Hamburg statt finden lassen will, dann bekommen die das auch hin :-)

      Freue mich schon sehr darauf :-))

  14. Elena says:

    Can you please give us concrete information about the way we can obtain tickets ? Thanks :)

    • sva says:

      please see my msg above “Please be patient, it is still summer outside and this is still the chaos, you’re going to visit :)”

      You will get the message soon enough, if you look on this site from time to time.

  15. Sergio says:

    Berlin is the less expensive place that I know in Germany, which was a huge advantage from a price standpoint. Food, traveling, hotel, etc.
    Is Hamburg as Berlin when it comes to prices? Or will the cost of all the above mentioned increase?
    I know a lot of people who bought their flight tickets in advance, now they are loosing money.
    It would have been a good thing telling all this with much more time in advance, as in during the last Congress.
    Did anybody thing about all that before deciding to move it to Hamburg?
    How about all the parallel parties? c-base/esch/etc.?
    I really hope we’ll be all surprise which this change, at te moment I’m not really convince it was a good idea to do such a move.

  16. Jakob says:

    Hamburg… Great! I don’t have to get a hotel room there! ;) Also, it’s great to have more room at the Congress.

  17. mainframes says:

    There is no CCC on http://www.cch.de/besuchen/terminvorschau/tagungen/. Are they ashamed of something? (; BTW: this side is pretty..eh..chaosed..what about ONE page with all important information like when, where, what, who..I get pi***d off clicking blog-buzzwords to puzzle up basic informations…

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