Recordings of 28C3 talks available

The 28th Chaos Communication Congress ended yesterday and most of the talks are already available for download.

Credit goes to the FEM, who did a really tremendous job streaming the talks during the conference and who still continue their hard work by publishing the Official Releases of the last talks.

Did you really love certain events? Weren’t so excited about others? Let us know! You can leave feedback via the Fahrplan. Find the events you’d like to leave your thoughts on and click on the green “Give Feedback” link in the lower right hand corner. We use this information to plan future events, so your input is essential.

Many thanks again for a great Congress and we’ll see you at the Sigint 2012 in May or the next Chaos Communication Congress!

11 Responses to “Recordings of 28C3 talks available”

  1. Faldrian says:

    Hihi, is the timemachine ready? The Title says 29C3 :D
    btw. thanks for all the recordings and streaming!

  2. David says:

    why is talk 4751 not available?

  3. Kebap says:

    All hail FEM!

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  5. bob says:

    FOR FEM:

    For video 4735 in the video, you neglected to show slide 24 when he was talking about it, so I had to stop and go find the slides in order to follow what he was talking about. Please just have that spliced in for a little time so I can pause and read. Thanks

  6. m. says:

    Is there a particular reason why you’re using the old CC 2.0 licences for the videos? 3.0 was released in 2007, 4.0 is on it’s way.

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  9. Thomas Lange says:

    I’m wondering why you do not link to which is a much nicer interfaces to the recordings than the link on the congress wiki.