28C3: CFP for 28th Chaos Communication Congress

Call for Participation for 28th Chaos Communication Congress
27|28|29|30 December 2011, bcc, Berlin, Germany

The Event

The Chaos Communication Congress the annual four-day conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Berlin, Germany. First held in 1984, it has since established itself as “The European Hacker Conference” attracting a diverse audience of thousands of hackers, scientists, artists, and utopists from all around the world.


In general, lectures, workshops, and projects dealing with technology, ethics, science, security, art, philosophy, politics, and culture are welcome. However, it is not mandatory for your talk to exactly match the given topics. Anything that is interesting and/or funny will be taken into consideration. We use hacking in a very broad sense of the word, but we won’t say no to excellent submissions on computer security research.

Some of the many topics we want to hear more about

– Cloud security
– Mobile Hacking and Telecommunications Security
– Privacy
– Net Neutrality and Censorship
– Copyright
– Exploitation Techniques
– Video Game Culture and Art
– Cryptography and Cryptoanalysis
– Reverse Engineering
– Forensics and Anti-Forensics
– Web Security
– Electronic Music and Literature
– Retrocomputing
– Economical Systems – think about collapsing financial markets and anonymous money transfers
– Constructivist Epistemology
– Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – machine learning, humanoid robots, RoboCup, autonomous cars
– Transportation Hacking – with electronics and bus systems
– Studies about Social Networks – e.g. how different networks are being used
– The Long Tail – crowdsourcing, crowdcasting, crowdfunding, peer to peer
– Media and Internet Technologies in education
– Cyberspace identities and gender issues
– Law Enforcement Activities and Active Countersurveillance
– Revolutions
– Hacktivism
– Handling Transparency in Governmental Affairs
– Micropayment and electronic currencies
– Transportation hacking – with electronics and bus systems
– Cooking and Baking with Club-Mate
– Fun with large datasets and visualizing data
– Social Justice on the Internet
– Media and Internet Technologies in Education
– Conspiracy Theories

Lecture Requirements

Lectures should not exceed 45 minutes plus up to 15 minutes for questions and answers. Longer time slots are possible if we feel the topic demands it (please tell us if necessary). This year, due to popular demand, we also introduce 20 minute talks. Please state the length of your presentation clearly on your submission.


Audio and video recordings of the lectures will be published online in various formats. All material will be available under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany” license
We encourage contributors to publish their work under a more liberal license; if you wish to do so, please state this with your submission.

Language of the Presentation

While the 28C3 is an international conference that aims to present lots of content in English, we would rather have a good presentation in German than a bad one in so-called Denglisch. So please be honest when judging your language skills and choose your lecture language accordingly.
Sales and marketing droids are known to vanish without any trace at the congress, please refrain from submitting company propaganda.

Travel expenses

The Chaos Communication Congress is a non-profit oriented event and speakers are not paid. However, financial help on travel expenses and accommodation is possible. It needs to be agreed upon after acceptance of the submission, though. Don’t be shy and state your requirements in the application when submitting your lecture and we’ll work something out.

Dates and Deadlines

The deadline for submission is October 11th, 2011 Midnight (23:59) UTC. Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail on November 20th, 2011 the latest. However, you may very well get your notification earlier than that if needed.
– October 11th, 2011 (Midnight UTC) Submission due
– November 20th, 2011 (Midnight UTC) Final notification of acceptance (or earlier)
– December 27th – 30th, 2011 Chaos Communication Congress


All proposals must be submitted online using our online lecture submission system at https://cccv.pentabarf.org/submission/28C3. Please follow the instructions given there. If you have any questions regarding your submission, feel free to contact us at 28c3-content@cccv.de.

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50 Responses to “28C3: CFP for 28th Chaos Communication Congress”

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  2. Olivier says:

    Looking forward to the event!

    What is this year’s theme? I hope you haven’t dropped this great motto tradition…

  3. lekernel says:

    Do you _really_ want to hear more about conspiracy theories?…

  4. ... says:

    Why is

    – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – machine learning, humanoid robots, RoboCup, autonomous cars

    twice in the list? Are you especially interested in that?

  5. fukami says:

    Thanks for the hint. Anyways, we are, in fact, very interessted in this topic :)

  6. matze says:

    Das heißt, der Congress ist defintiv wieder im bcc? Und es wird genauso eng werden und die Tickets sind wieder in millisekunden weg?

  7. Olivier says:

    “Economical Systems – think about collapsing financial markets and anonymous money transfers”
    is also twice in the list. Someone among you just lost money in the collapse? ;-)

    • RiscTaker says:

      I think you also mean “economic systems”, rather than “economical systems”, the latter meaning “sparsame Systeme” rather than “Wirtschaftssysteme”.

  8. Ruby says:

    Last year me and my friends didn’t manage to get tickets to the conference,
    we lost a lot of money in flight tickets cancellation fees :(

    Is there anyway to buy tickets in advance for people that have to make travel arrangements?

    • fukami says:

      @Ruby: We are in the process of working out the best way to handle tickets. I guess there will be a solution, soon.

  9. Olivier says:

    Sorry to be the one to tell you, but here is one more duplicate =)

    “Media and Internet Technologies in Education”

  10. TomTom says:

    “Transportation hacking – with electronics and bus systems” is also duplicate… gosh, folks, what’ve you been doing while writing that :D

  11. Trottelreiner says:

    Concerning tickets[1], are there going to be tokens for last years angels again?

    [1] Yeah, I guess any further mention is bound to get the guy in question blacklisted for any presale list, but WE[tm] are getting older, and hypertension is not nice…

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  13. lval says:

    Where will the ticketsale be annonced? Will there be daytickets if everything is sold out. Can I reuse my login for the cccamp2011 ticket?

  14. messy says:

    This year’s theme will be “Raiders of the Lost Ticket”

  15. algoldor says:

    It seems to me that I’ll make a small change of plans resulting in coming to the CCC28th and having a lots of fun I guess! I also do wonder what is the theme of the event and I hope that this gathering is going to progress on biotechnology and food&beverage hacking a bit, we will need more infrastructure to our disposition :-O))

    See you there,


    • Trottelreiner says:

      Hm, with the biotech angle, I’d be interested, but that’s quite some area; there is serious garage biotech, with some pharms outsourcing their research, there is DIY Bio and related amateur projects, and well, there is your young aspiring neoshaman mycologist, so it might be interesting to see what people are interested in. So maybe something like the haecksen meetings to probe the waters?

  16. blurp says:


    @Ruby: When is soon? Is soon today? Tomorrow? People are booking planes and hotels without having tickets. I guess the hotels and flying companies are quite happy about the money they’ll get from the cancellation fees, but I want TICKEEEEEETS!!

    (Dont’ get me wrong – I’m just a little nervous – but am still loving you all!!)

  17. ieroglyph says:

    when and where I can buy a ticket?

  18. Renaud says:


    I’m also wondering when (and how) the tickets will be available, for “simple” visitors.

  19. Nobody says:

    I’m really looking forward to this, it’s going to be (if I manage to get the tickets) my first computer conference and I’ve heard really good things of it. Can’t think of a better way to spend the last days of the year.

  20. gash says:

    we had to make our travel arrangement last week in order to get flights, so now we have flights and a hotel but no clue if we ever get tickets. could someone please answer the following questions: will there be pre-sale tickets like last year and if so, when will they be available. please give a straight answer and not any politician’s blabla, like “We are in the process of working out the best way to handle tickets. I guess there will be a solution, soon.” because this does not help.
    THANK YOU!!!

    • Martin says:

      – There will be a presale.
      – It will start very, very soon.
      – An announcement will be made here on this blog, as soon as the presale-dates are fixed.

      Blease bear with us just one/two more weeks until we have made all relevant decissons.

  21. SqyD says:

    Me and my GF are hoping to attend this year.

    We would need to arrange for vacation at our busy jobs, book transportation, hotels etc. Would really appreciate some more info on ticket availability. Do tickets for the congresses sell out quickly normally?

    • SqyD says:

      Sorry to let you know but we’ve decided not to attend this year. The uncertainty about tickets, increasing hotel prices and travel fairs made us opt for other more relaxing vacation options. I hope by next year this ticket availability issue is solved since it’s a big showstopper for us (and probably many more)

  22. Val says:

    I’m also wondering about tickets. When will they be available?

  23. Daud Soleman says:

    the Congress is one of the greatest events in the calender of the hopefuls from africa. Considering that we have to apply for visit visas in advance, are the organizers planning to reserve some ticket space however limited, and invitation letters to assist such cases! We have dreamers wanting to get inspired.

  24. we would still like to submit a proposal for a presentation however i saw the deadline passed, is there anybody i could email as i think our work fits the agenda of this years conference well.

    • Martin says:

      Try writing an email to 28c3-orga@cccv.de – although I think, you have only a very little chance to be accepted now, as confirmations for speakers and talks have already been sent out…

  25. TRansISterRadio says:

    you CCC Guys havent heard the swedish word “planka” when you learn what ít means ,then you(r) know(how, ( will be) better before(fugel) and even after.
    its like Bluffpoker.

  26. Udis says:

    Tickets !!!
    like last year?, racing against each other, hoping to get available socket and buy :)

  27. foobar says:

    Urlaub, Anreise und Unterkunft müssen ja vorab geplant werden, daher wäre es toll, wenn es die Tickets bald gäbe :)

  28. marco says:

    So, since there is no sign that tickets will be for sale soon, but the hotel prices are exploding around new years eve in Berlin and getting higher and higher each day, there will be no congress for me this year. :(

    • Martin says:

      That’s a pitty :(
      But tickets will be on sale realy soon… Perhaps you might wan’t to book something like a flexible hotel-rate, that you can cancel in case?

      • WhenIsSoon? says:

        You worte:
        But tickets will be on sale realy soon…

        I ask:
        When is soon? I mean, are you speaking of weeks or days?

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  30. swissness says:

    Hi @ all

    I hope we can buy tickets soon, my flight und hotel is already booked.

  31. netGK says:

    tickets issue here too -((( is it too late already?Please someone tell me it is possible to get a couple tickets yet still?

    • Martin says:

      Please read the most recent blog-entries. You’ll find two additional dates, where you can buy tickets.

      Monday, November 14, 16:00PM CET (UTC+1) (¼ of all tickets)
      Tuesday, November 29, 10:00AM CET (UTC+1) (¼ of all tickets)

  32. thomas says:

    ich habe folgendes Problem.
    Ich hatte Anfang der Woche (Montag) das Geld für die zwei Tickets überwiesen, aber ich habe immernoch keine bestätigung dass das Geld angekommen ist, sprich bei mir steht weiterhin “confirmed” statt “payment_confirmed”.
    Da es nur noch zwei Tage sind, wollte ich nachfragen was das Problem sein könnte. Die Konto-Daten sind definitiv richtig.
    Ich hatte auch schon eine mail geschrieben, aber bis jetzt noch keine antwort bekommen.
    Ich wollte das jetzt schnellstmöglich klären, bevor übermorgen sowohl die tickets weg sind, als auch das Geld.
    Danke schonmal

    • Martin says:

      Die Tickets werden nicht automatisch verschwinden – der Zahlungsstatus wird hingegen manuell geupdated.

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