Yes, you can still get a Camp ticket!

Camp is not sold out!

There will be day tickets available for 45 € and evening tickets for 20 €. However, no tents or campers are allowed with day or evening tickets.

If you already bought a ticket, don’t forget to print it out! You can login to the presale ticket site to print your tickets.

More information is on the camp wiki under “Tickets“.

5 Responses to “Yes, you can still get a Camp ticket!”

  1. tobsen says:

    nice1 ;-)

  2. Justyna says:

    Will there be 5-day tickets available at the gate?

  3. mh says:

    I ordered a ticket through and paid by bank transfer in time according to that website, but apparently after you issued the first batch of tickets. Now there’s apparently no 2nd batch of tickets, that website still says “Status: confirmed” –
    I hope you will issue my ticket at the gate?