Camp Tickets Downloadable Now

Finally we’re done with generating all ticket PDFs! :)

If you’ve ordered a Camp ticket in the online sales system and also payed it, you can download your ticket from now.

For those of you, who registered an email address we’ll additionally send the PDFs by mail.

Please print out your tickets and bring them to the Camp! You need them in order to get your wrist bands.

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3 Responses to “Camp Tickets Downloadable Now”

  1. Sekas says:

    Are there still tickets available.. Iw been told so but i see nothing definate that claims so on the site.

    • cpunkt says:

      We’re not 100% sure yet, but if certain things don’t change, we’ll have around 300 tickets left for sale. That’s not much, I know. Once we know for sure (which should be tomorrow), we’ll let you know.

      • GiliS says:

        Me and one coleague have tickets reserved on Presale. Today I proceeded to buy, and I payed with credit card, 2 tickets. When it’s possbile to have the tickets? Hope will not be refused, if so I must know, in order to not go on the way to Germany, and to communicate to my company

        Thank you