Ticket Shop Closes Soon

The online shop for Camp tickets will close at 2011/07/20, two days from now.

If you didn’t buy a ticket yet, you should better go to our online shop now and buy one.

Since we don’t know, how many tickets we’ll still have left after online sales, we can’t promise there will be ticket sales at the door. Probably there will be, but if you want to be sure, better buy your tickets now!

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5 Responses to “Ticket Shop Closes Soon”

  1. Poseidon says:


    I ordered a ticket on 14/07 and only remembered now that I still have to pay. Does it make sense to still do the transaction or will the money get lost? It should be transferred instantly tomorrow from Postbank to Postbank.

    • cpunkt says:

      Yes, that definitely makes sense. We’ll accept all payments that arrive on our bank account before August 4th.

  2. ck says:


    the presale system still says “we’ll generate your tickets at the end of july”. July has ended and there’s no ticket ;) Is it my account or are the tickets not generated at all?

    • cpunkt says:

      we have some minor technical problems, which make the tickets look ugly. we’re working on it, so PDFs should be available a day later than promised.

  3. Zifix says:

    Are there tickets left?
    How will the be sold?
    Taking last camp’s figures as a base, do you have a chance to get one on 9-Aug?