We Came in Peace: Event Recordings Available!

It’s only been a few days since the close of the 27c3, but much of the conference is ready to download. Credit goes in no small part to the FEM, who did a really tremendous job during the conference and continue their hard work getting Official Releases of the talks ready to go.

If you enjoyed the streams and the recordings of the talks, consider supporting their efforts to purchase updated equipment to improve the image quality and transmission path for future events.

Did you really love certain events? Weren’t so excited about others? Let us know! You can leave feedback via the Fahrplan. Find the events you’d like to leave your thoughts on and click on the green “Give Feedback” link in the lower right hand corner. We use this information to plan future events, so your input is essential.

Thanks again for a great Congress and we’ll see you at the camp!

17 Responses to “We Came in Peace: Event Recordings Available!”

  1. hansmann says:

    This year they had SDI equipment, which is nice, but in the image of the official recordings we can still see cvbs artifacts(color jitter at vertical lines). Anyone knows the reasons for that ?

    ( It seems like they couldn’t increase the image quality of the recordings although they had better equipment at hand, which makes no sense)

  2. onidrake says:

    am i blind or is only the first day available?

  3. frank says:

    no you aren’t blind. its still only the videos that already were available the last fee days.

  4. Big Kate says:

    any news yet about
    a. booking?
    b. pricing?
    c. being an angel?
    d. do you have the same rules for disability support as 4 years ago?

    personally I hate the fact that for the last few years i have missed out on being an angel at congress but it happens right when my SAD is really really bad!!!

  5. sultan says:

    You start to Discover why, Chaos club is called “chaos club” :-)

    It works or it doesnt.. this is what you get for non-commerical volunteer work.

    Welcome in Not-America :)

  6. Hannes says:

    Nick, thanks for your incredible moderation.

  7. Shell script to download all mp4 torrent files:

    wget -k -O index.html http://mirror.fem-net.de/CCC/27C3/mp4-h264-HQ/
    sed -n “/href=/s|.*href=\”\([^>]*\)\”.*|\1|p” index.html >> urls.txt
    grep -i “\.torrent” urls.txt >> torrents.txt
    # Or edit above grep command to return URLs to the
    # mp4 files and download them directly. But I don’t
    # recommend that because it’s causing heavy traffic
    # on servers. Use BitTorrent!
    rm index.html
    rm urls.txt

    #wget -i torrents.txt
    #rm torrents.txt

  8. Peter says:

    Would it be possible to add direct download links to the mp3/mp4 from the Fahrplan pages of a talk?

    • Cathryne says:

      That would be great. Currently, one has to keep both the Fahrplan and a mirror server open and switch back and forth for infos and download links. A closer integration would be very welcome.

      Also: Does anyone know, how many recordings are still missing?

  9. congress_visitor says:


    This is from ZDF Heute Journal, afaik there were more Televisioncrews on the congress, especially in the hardware-hacking area, does someone has recordings from other Televisioncrews? Thx in advance!

  10. Basement Dad says:

    Hi, is there any chance of releasing the stuxnet analysis talk? If not, I have to kill myself for missing the stream ^_^. Can’t wait any longer, k, thx,bye.

  11. video tester says:

    Lightning Talks number 20, 21 and 22 (Day 4) appear to be missing in the recording.

  12. video tester says:

    Lightning Talks number 20, 21 and 22 (Day 4) appear to be missing in the recording. I hope this information can improve the final work. Thanks FEM crew for your excelent coverage.

  13. congress_visitor says:

    oh yeah, and here is the movie from hackspace stuttgart – “Projectmovie 2010” – http://foto23.com/pm2010/index.html