Mission Angels: How to Connect to the 27c3

Day0 - II

Thanks to the Mission Angels, you’ll be able to interact with the talks going on at the 27c3 and more! While you watch the streams from one of many Peace Missions throughout the world, Mission Angels will be monitoring IRC and Twitter for questions to be asked in selected events during the 27c3.

To ask a question in a session on IRC join #27c3-Saal-1, #27c3-Saal-2, #27c3-Saal-3 on Freenode or use the corresponding terms as a Twitter hashtag to put your question to the session.

If you’re in a Peace Mission, you can even sign up to give a Lightning Talk!

See the Peace Missions entry on the 27c3 wiki for more information. We’ll be updating the entry as we add more communications methods. If you’re at the bcc, consider volunteering to be a Mission Angel!

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4 Responses to “Mission Angels: How to Connect to the 27c3”

  1. Scytale says:

    Note that Twitter hashtags should not contain minuses; searching for “#27c3-saal-1” won’t work. A workaround would be to search for “27c3-saal-1” without a hash. But instead of workarounds I’d suggest using #27c3saal1 as hashtag instead, which is compatible with Twitter (and 2 characters shorter!).

    • nickfarr says:

      Thanks so much for pointing that out! We made the appropriate change and entry on the wiki. ;)

  2. Horadrim says:

    Maybe you could limit the identic lines per user @IRC ….

    The IRC Joker was pretty useless.

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