Performance test sucessfully survived!

As expected, the pre-sale-system has survived the performance check immediately to the release time.

The rush for the Pre-sale is still enormously. The tickets from the first Quota will be sold out in no time.

But: No Panic.

As announced, there will be a second, much larger, quota at the beginning of November. So anyone who had no luck this time get a new chance at the second quota.

The created accounts are also valid in the second quota.

The quota for our volunteers (Angels) from last year, dubbed ‘the golden token’, will be independent of the other “normal” quota.

For all risks and side effects consult your physician or read our FAQ .

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2 Responses to “Performance test sucessfully survived!”

  1. ticketless says:

    well, it will be hard booking affordable accommodation in november, so your scheme results in me skipping the 27c3 for the first time in years :(

    • cpunkt says:

      Not necessarily. If you come from far away and need to book a flight or accommodation well in advance, then please contact us at, so we can find a solution for you. Having rules does not mean there’s no way to break them.