Heads up, Pre-Sale Begins

You’ve probably waited most of two weeks for this: The pre-sale for the 27th Chaos Communication Congress tickets will start this weekend. To be precise: We will open our server ports tomorrow morning, Sunday (October 10th), at 10:10 Berlin time (08:10 UTC).

  EUR 70
  EUR 25
  EUR 45
Nachwuchs (below the age of 18)
Members of the CCC e. V.

For more details, e. g. business tickets, see our wiki and the FAQ.

This will be the first batch of three, offering 800 tickets. The second and largest batch will be available two days after we’ve published the “Fahrplan” in early November. The last and smallest batch with the remaining tickets will be available in December.

Volunteers of the 26C3 (Engel) will receive their “golden token” today, which will be sent to the email address they used in the “Engelsystem” last year.

During the course of the day, we’ll publish detailed instructions on how to use the pre-sale system.