Chaos Communication Camp 2011

We found a date and we found a place:

10|11|12|13|14th August 2011
at Finowfurt (near Berlin), Germany

Since 1999 the Chaos Communication Camp has taken place every four years – and we will keep this rhythm. It is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. The venue is the same as in 2007, so some of you might know it already.

If you don’t have a clue about the Chaos Communication Camp, you might probably want to watch these videos:

Some history of the Camp is also available:

More information will show up in the next months, but presumably not before 27C3 in December.

Be a part of the Chaos Communication Camp 2011! Only 365 days left!

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30 Responses to “Chaos Communication Camp 2011”

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  2. Peach says:

    I think the rhythm with the every four years for the Chaos Communication Camp is a very good idea. So please go on with this great hacker event.

  3. Nörgler says:

    Was zum nörgeln: Euer link zur Camp 2003 documentation läuft ins leere

  4. Nörgler says:

    Nörgler noch mal, als den direkt-Link meinte ich. Nun aber gut.

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  10. Randomdata says:

    Hack Square at CCC camp…

    It’s all about the future… in the near future CCC camp is coming up. Randomdata is going to join together with other hackerspaces and groups of the BeNeLux. Our dream is called Hack Square (H2X), a nice square filled with hackers, geeks, projects an…

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  13. VITAS says:

    Hallo wer aus Hamburg hat schon Pläne zum Camp zu fahren?
    Ich würde mit einem Transporter hin fahren. Wenn ich also für jemanden etwas mitnehmen soll ist das gegen eine Umkosten beteiligung möglich. Ich bin unter erreichbar.

  14. […] (i.e. send you one or some). And if you don’t dare to solder it on your own come to the Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin. I will offer some SMT soldering classes with Blinken Buttons for Beginners […]

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  19. paolo_del_bene says:

    i paid the ticket for the camping, i ever received a message where one person told me that my trasfer banking was received.

    to the same time i have not nothing in the hands, i got only the paymento for the ticket to access to the camping.

    please send me the ticket maximux 18 July 2011, Italian Post, are not fast as the other, send me an advice or ticket to access to the camping.

    i’ll come to FinowFurt and if i don’t receive the ticket, i’ll come with the payment that i did to the Chaos Caomputer Club.

    awaiting your reply,

    best faithfully,

    Paolo Del Bene

    • Pylon says:

      Log in to and have a look on the status if it says “payment_confirmed”. Then look down to the bottom of the page: “We’ll generate your tickets at the end of July. After that, they’ll be available for download here.” It has been there for all the time.

    • cpunkt says:

      We don’t send the tickets by snail mail. End of this month (July) we’ll generate PDFs. If you entered an email address for your user on, you’ll get that PDF by mail. In either case, you’ll be able to download it from presale in early August.

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  23. hello,

    10 Aust i’ll arrive to the Airport of Berlin Tiegel, i would like to know how to arrive to FinowFurt (CCC Camping) starting from the Airport of Berlin Tiegel.

    awaiting your reply,

    happy hacking !!!!!


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  25. Daniel says:

    Going to CCCcamp from 10th to 13th, maybe to 14th (morning hours)

    Starting in Hamburg, can pick up as many as 3 ppl (Audi A4 Avant).

  26. Tom says:

    Great set-up! I am sure that the US- crisis will be another hot topic because of latest News!