No more day tickets for 26C3 Day 2

As you may have already heard, the 26C3 is sold out. There are no more all-day tickets available, and we have just sold out of day tickets for today (Day 2).

Day tickets for Day 3 will go on sale tomorrow morning at 08:00.

If you do not have a ticket, check out the live streams of the talks, or attend one of the many Dragons Everywhere gatherings being held all over the world!

4 Responses to “No more day tickets for 26C3 Day 2”

  1. Baldur says:

    How can I watch yesterday’s Wikipedia presentation?

  2. Fifo says:


    gibt es schon Videos zu den Vortr├Ągen online? Ich finde keine Infos dazu.

  3. bios says:


    i think the wikipedia talk was not streamed and also not recorded (wish from the speaker), there are some recordings ripped from the streams available, if you can wait, the final versions will be available in a few days, and we will also announce it here on the blog.

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