Streaming & Recording the Conference

Time (2008-12-29) & Number of Streamers

Time (2008-12-29) & Number of Streamers

More than 3500 hackers enjoyed this year’s hacker jeopardy through our network of streaming servers. During the course of 25C3 our friends at FeM ran an array of 6 wmv streaming servers supplemented by 3 ogg theora relays provided by the Chaos family in Ulm and elsewhere. Over 1500 people watched the theora streems, which is almost as many as the wmv streams.

Additionally, we had a number of experimental streams in various other formats.

Streaming and recording the whole conference was only possible thanks to our helpers and angels who ran the live streams and edited the recordings in almost no time. So, if you missed the live events, check out the recordings.

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3 Responses to “Streaming & Recording the Conference”

  1. steve123 says:

    Is this supposed to be the “the recordings are available” announcement?

    If it is, it would be really saddening since there are so few of them and so many interesting talks still missing. There is no video of the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, the Security Nightmares, both of the tor talks (whats new in tor, onioncat), and that’s just the ones I can think of spontanously, there certainly are more.

  2. maha says:

    No, this is not the traditional “the recordings are available” announcement. It’s more like: “some recordings are available”. Recordings will be published as they are ready.

    Please, read the information in the 25C3 Wiki. Let me quote it for you:

    The Status of the official releases provided by FeM could be queried using irc or jabber. You could ask [FeM]RT in Query or on #25C3 using ?$ID Command. You could also Query
    Important Changes of Video-Status and Releases were provided on #FeMRT on IRC ( and on Chatroom FeMC3 on
    Because of IRC-Flood-Protection the bot could only answer one query a time. But they are queued. There was also another Bot ([FeM]RT2) available to ask on his Channel (#FeMRT2) or per privmsg.

  3. dwt says:

    There is an unofficial rss feed of the recordings – very usefull to watch and download the recordings in Miro for example.