Day 3 Schedule Updates

Here are some quick updates to the schedule that do not appear in the printed program:

  • Analyzing RFID Security with Henryk Plötz and Karsten Nohl will be appearing in Saal 1 at 16:00: “Many RFID tags have weaknesses, but the security level of different tags varies widely…we illustrate the complexity of RFID systems and discuss different attack vectors…we release an open-source, software-controlled, and extensible RFID reader with support for most common standards.”
  • DECT: The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications standard will also be appearing in Saal 1 at 17:15: “Most parts of the DECT standard are public, but all cryptographic algorithms used in DECT (authentication and encryption) are secret and not known to the public. Nevertheless we decided to investigate the security of DECT closer …”
  • A new round of lightning talks has been added! They will be in Saal 3 at 20:30. Check the Lightning Talks Wiki Page for more information.
  • The “Xbox360 – Rebooter” talk scheduled for Saal 3 at 20:30 has been cancelled.
  • Weizenbaum: Rebel at work is appearing in Saal 3 at 21:45: “Bekannt wurde er in den 70er Jahren als scharfzüngiger Wissenschafts- und Gesellschaftskritiker. Sein Buch “Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft” ist zum Klassiker geworden, sowohl unter Philosophen als auch unter Informatiker.”
  • The “We got owned by the (rhymes-with-unease)…” talk scheduled for Saal 2 at 23:00 has been cancelled.
  • As announced yesterday, Hacker Jeopardy will be live translated into English in Saal 3 beginning at 23:00.

Thanks to MrTopf for the great photo from this morning’s Privacy Workshop Project talk.