The spaceship has landed at the 25C3!

The spaceship has landed, a nice gentle coating of fairy dust has fallen on the bcc and the groundwork for the 25C3 is nearing completion! Here are a couple of quick updates and helpful hints:

  • The wireless internet is up and running. (We’re blogging from it now!)
  • Follow the 25C3 Twitter for the latest news and updates.
  • We strongly recommend that you purchase your ticket TODAY. The cash desk is open!
  • This year, there are two lines to purchase tickets. If you are purchasing a regular ticket, use the Fast Line. If you are not purchasing a regular ticket, use the Regular Line.
  • Become an angel! Sign up for an account in the Angel system
  • Don’t forget to register your DECT phone. Don’t have one? Rumor on the street has it that DECT phones can be obtained at the Saturn on the Alexanderplatz for only 16 euro! More details coming soon.