Chaos Communication Camp 2007 – The movie

The official camp documentation movie documentation is now released at Enjoy!

Update: As the server is pretty busy you might want to use BitTorrent with this torrent file to get the movie quicker.

10 Responses to “Chaos Communication Camp 2007 – The movie”

  1. eris says:


    It would be MUCH less confusing and more efficient if Chaosradio themselves would release the torrents.

  2. psypsy23 says:

    Hi, kann es dein das das Radio und der TPB Tracker grad down sind?

  3. 0rk0 says:

    what about the camp 2008? there seems nothing to find…

    and why tf the blog sends me my register-pass via mail in cleartext? oO

  4. fukami says:

    1) There is no camp 2008.
    2) Well, if everyone in the world can read your message at via webbrowser than it might be a problem for you, yes. But you can change your pass and email address at every time :)
    We use account verification because of massive spam problems.

  5. 0rk0 says:

    okay. thx for the info. i changed it directly after the registration…

  6. Markus says:

    Wann gibt es ENDLICH wieder ein Camp?
    Ich warte seit Jahren sehnsüchtig darauf :)