How will the weather be like?

We all know that long-term weather predictions are not that accurate. However, considering the fact that the last report about two weeks ago matched very well the weather we currently have in Berlin, which is sadly cold and rain, the current long term weather report (German) promises perfect camp weather. It will become warmer beginning this Tuesday, up to 28°C Thursday, and they say that August will be warm and friendly with less-then-average rain and mostly influences of anticyclones from the Mediterranean Sea, according to their prediction. Doesn’t that sound good?

Camp preparations are going very well right now – our core organisational crew will start Monday with packaging for the camp, official buildup starts August 1st. Feel free to join us then, but be aware that we consider everyone as volunteer who is at the camp site before August 7th ;).

This buildup and packaging means that we will be for some days rather unavailable online, so expect high response times.