March 24th: On Reconnaissance

We invite everybody to join us for a public visit of the location of the Chaos Communication Camp 2007 in Finowfurt. Everybody who wants to do a project, put up a really big tent, build a village or do anything special in one way or the other should come.

The visit takes places at Saturday, March 24th, 2007 at 14:00h. We will spend around two to three hours at the site depending on interest. Be careful to be on time as we won’t explain things twice. If you plan to come, please drop your name in the wiki.

Driving instructions: from Autobahn A10 (the ring around Berlin) take Autobahn A11 in direction to Prenzlau. Go off at exit “Finowfurt”, turn right to Eberswalde and turn right once more at Hauptstrasse. Follow the signs pointing to “Luftfahrtmuseum” from here.