Getting faster to the congress

We are, as usual, expecting a really big run for entry tickets on the morning of the 27th – you had to wait about an hour last year. However, the ticket counter will open already on 26th in the evening. It is scheduled to open at 20:00, probably earlier. So if you are already in Berlin, please buy your ticket on the 26th in the evening. It will be a lot easier and faster for you and us – and will save you a lot of time standing in some cold ugly weather condition.

Everything else right now seems to work out quite smooth, no bigger fuckups, internet connectivity is already running. Oh, and just in case you have some old CPUs or Ram collecting dust somewhere in your room: Bring them to the Congress, we are collecting them for some kind of a benefit project.

3 Responses to “Getting faster to the congress”

  1. alexlist says:

    Hi there. How long is this pre-checkin going to be open tonight? I’m flying into TXL arriving around 22:30pm, and I wonder if there will still be somebody around at eleven…

  2. fh says:

    It is planned to be open all night. Will check this and update my posting asap

  3. on december 26, 2006 at 22.00 hours the queue for the ticket counters was as long as one side of the bcc-building, but inside the building on the ground level, also known as “level B”.

    reports coming that the waiting time was something about 30 to 45 minutes.