Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks give you up to ten short talks each day – between 4pm and 5pm.
Each talk is limited to five minutes.

Usually the topic is some cool program
or project – but it can also be a good rant.
So this year’s motto is “The good *and* the bad”.

You can still add your own praise or rant
by adding it to the page within the wiki.
Enter the title, language (DE/EN),
your name, contact address, and a short description.

But whatever the topic – dive right in, and make it count!
One “word” of introduction should suffice, and then
give us as many info as you can within four minutes;
when your hear the gong tell us again
what we should keep in mind about the topic.
And when you hear the buzzer, leave the stage.

Lightning Talks will be hosted by
Jennifer b9punk Gergen and Sven Guckes.
Sven has written a page with more info
including the rules for speakers and the audience,
and tips both for preparation and for presentation.

and whenever you hear about
strange things – remember:
“who can you trust?”