22C3 audio and video podcasts available

Oh yes, it took a while. But we finally managed to finalize the 22C3 audio and video recordings and to provide them via a podcast feed as well.

We now provide audio recordings in MP3, MPEG-4 Audio and Ogg Vorbis format and videos in MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) 320×240 format in addition to our originally posted full resolution MPEG-4 versions. The new videos run on the iPod and are around 25% the size of the big files.

To make the material easily accessible, you can subscribe to the main podcasts feeds for either audio or video or just download the files directly from these web pages:

We’d love to hear from you what you think about the content being offered using podcast technology. As a convenience, we also provide podcast feeds for the Ogg Vorbis and the MPEG-4 AAC audio versions. These are considered to be experimental. Drop a comment if you think if the podcast in general or these alternative versions are useful for you.

All podcasts are hosted by the Chaosradio website which is also our central point for CCC’s audio and video podcast content including recordings from other CCC events as well.

One Response to “22C3 audio and video podcasts available”

  1. […] Los temas que se suelen tratar en el CCC son muy variados, pero casi todos centrados entorno al mundo de la seguridad y del hacking. Para los interesados en ir, podéis ver en MPEG4 o vía Podcast las ponencias del año pasado, si quereis profundizar mas, la mayoria de los ponentes han colgado el contenido de las ponencias de el año pasado en formato electronico. […]