Here we go

I uploaded the first official 22C3 video recording: it’s the recording of the opening speech and keynote. Unfortunately, the video quality itself is not good as this is one of the recordings that had to be recovered from the failed realtime recordings. Most other videos will be much better. Here it is:

22C3-390-en-private_investigations.mp4 (MPEG-4, 1.2 MBit/s)

A few notes on the format: this is a standard MPEG-4 encoded (audio and video) file in a standard MP4 container file. The native resolution is 720×576 pixels but as this is derived from video, it is a non-square pixel format. The file has the proper bit set (the so-called PAR or SAR bit) to reflect this property. Your video player should honor this bit and scale the video on playback, effectively extending the displayed area to 785×576 pixels.

We would be happy if you could download the file and post success or failure of playback as a comment to this post so that we know we are safe (or not). We will post the rest of the videos once we are sure everything is fine.

Sorry again for all the delay. We will spend another post on what we had to go through to make these works available.

8 Responses to “Here we go”

  1. shmeeed says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment on this. I very much appreciate the work you guys did, and I don’t blame you for it taking so long – after all, this was a huge task. Many thanks for undertaking it.

    Unfortunately, I have to admit the video is giving me a bit of a trouble. Some of these problems might be because I have some unsettled issues with my players, but here’s my personal outcome:
    In Mplayer, the video slows down to halt after a few minutes, and the scrollbar doesn’t work for some reason, but the audio is fine.
    I better not talk about Kaffeine at all, but that’s not your fault.
    VLC seems to love the video, but not the audio.
    Totem (Xine) and gxine play it best, but would not recognize the PAR bit. I can live with that, though.

    So, as far as I’m concerned: go ahead and post the others!

  2. xxx says:

    video läuft ohne probleme mit vlc (bild und audio)

    ich würde sagen, man kann die anderen files auch online stellen.

  3. kingmob says:

    Video works flawlessly in QuickTime 7 under OS X, with PAR bit honored.

  4. bjoern says:

    Works fine with VLC 0.8.4a under OS X (but crashes VLC 0.8.5-test2).
    QuickTime and MPlayerOSX work well, too.

  5. enno says:

    MPlayer (2:0.99+1.0pre7try2+cvs20060117-0ubuntu6): Audio, Video and resize bit work fine

    Same for VLC (media player 0.8.4 Janus)

  6. themaverick says:

    wurde der sound nachträglich verstärkt ? fast das gesammte video lang ist der totn ziemlich übersteuert. Bild ist soweit ok, obwohl einige der überblendungen ins leere laufen bzw doppelt vorkommen. Doppelklick-Fehler ?

  7. Rince says:

    Works fine with xine under Linux/Ubuntu. It’s a little too bright I’d say, but the rest is fine.

  8. cpier says:

    Hey, I like that quality… but there are black borders on the left an right… nevermind. Of course everything works great with MAC OS X 10.4.6 and newest Version of QT/VLC. “Good things really do come in small packages.” – Apple’s Shuffle Website ;-)