Use more bandwith

Total Bandwith
We have about 16 GBit/s Upstream, provided by multiple upstreams – and our peaks are not even reaching one GBit. It really is a shame – so please, use our bandwith, it is intended to be used.
Useful purposes are strongly preferred (read: no ddos bullshit or spamming ;)), so for example seeding the Wikipedia DVD might be a really good idea. If you have another cool idea to use more bandwith, place it here in the comments.

9 Responses to “Use more bandwith”

  1. gorgum says:

    There would even more bandwith used, if the rtsp livestream is working at all and the mms stream more stable. Keep the, acording to your streaming home page human monitored, services running and there will be automaticly more bandwith used.

  2. cyphunk says:

    a local archive of the internet would be nice. possible? it could then be mirrored. who has a few petabyte to spare?

  3. Darkman says:

    Is it possible that someone shapes our line? many users complaining
    that they even not reach 50kb/s from outside. Inside at the same time
    1-2mb/s is no big deal (from the same maschine).

  4. noledge says:

    leech more pr0n!

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  6. Damien says:

    Hum, guys, no disrespect, but are you sure the MRTG stats are correct ? This shows less than 400 Mb/s peak out use. I am personally pushing 50 Mb/s BT traffic all day, and I can’t imagine that there are only 7 other people using the network !

  7. ILF says:

    just a guess, but i would think this really strange situation (wtf too much bandwidth? no way) could be caused by the hackcenter being so small and only for registered groups/projects. noone wants to seed, euhm .. wikipedia dvds (yeah right) on his laptop when (s)he is only online for like half an hour before going to another lecture or whatever. traffic is caused by fixed boxes in the hackcenter..

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