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It seems like this blog on the preparations for 22C3 already filled a gap: Several blogs commented on our efforts, most of them in German. This brings us to the question why we write this blog in English (or rather: broken English) while the majority of all participants at the Congress will be German or from German-speaking countries.

Almost from the beginning in the 1980s, the Chaos Communication Congress used the sub-title “The European Hacker Party”. What this meant in reality was that among all the German hackers you’d find the occassional guy or girl from Austria, Switzerland or the Netherlands (who’d put you to shame by not only speaking perfect English, but perfect German as well).

It wasn’t until the open-air camping hacker conferences organized by the Dutch hacker scene (HEU in 1993, HIP in 1997, HAL in 2001, and WTH this year) that we realized that we need to take our own slogan more seriously. The Dutch hacker camps had all talks presented in English and eventually turned everything into a real international party where (almost) no one was excluded because of language issues. We successfully tried this concept with our own Chaos Communication Camps in 1999 and 2003. Last year, we decided to turn the annual Congress into a more international event, too and we actually managed to attract some very interesting guests from all around the world. We know that not everyone is happy with English as a dominant language, but still: you’re hackers, so you read man pages and technical books in English all day, it should work out at least somehow. Also keep in mind that the Congress will be less frustrating for those who come from countries where German isn’t taught in schools; international exchange is good! But still: About 1/4 of all talks are given in German and we will probably keep it this way. Fair deal? We think so.

After these words on language issues, here are some links you might want to follow (if you speak the language, of course):

Thank you all. Keep on blogging…

Update: We’ll never have a complete lists of nice people linking to us. Read the comments for more blog coverage.

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  1. Technomancer says:

    22C3: Private Investigations

    Neben der obengenannten Webseite gibt es auch ein begleitendes Blog und der Call for Papers ist erföffnet. Unter dem Teilnehmer wird auch wieder Joi Ito sein, der letztes Jahr einen Vortrag über free culture and creative commons gegeben hat. Joi ist ei…

  2. anuron says:

    Nicolai Spicher and I are running a Planet 22C3 that can be reached at If you would like to see a feed added just mail to a.mohrhard (AT) or ns (AT)

    Have fun!

  3. /home/anuron says:

    Planet 22C3

    Nico and me set up a planet for the 22c
    C3, you can find our first steps here.
    We aren’t ready yet but if you want to help contact us – we still need a gfx-slave for a fancy design
    ps.: thx nico for the account…
    UPDATE: the 22C3 Weblog w…

  4. 22C3 Weblog

    So, für den nächsten Chaos Communication Congress gibt es jetzt auch ein Weblog. Im Artikel Blogosphere round-up wird allen überschwenglich gedankt, die auf das Weblog verlinken.

    So, Jens, nun will ich aber auch überschwenglichst erwähnt werden.

  5. maha says:

    I think the upcoming 22c3 wiki will be the right place to set up a list of congress blogs, so every blogger who writes about the congress can add their blog addresses there.
    (This contribution was just a pretext to mention my 22c3 bloggings.) :-)

  6. maha says:

    In the meantime the wiki is up; so add your blog to the list of Weblogs!

  7. Uwe Hermann says:

    Lots of 22C3 stuff

    Tim Pritlove from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has asked for more english blog posts about 22C3, the upcoming hacker conference in Berlin. So here you go.

    The 22nd Chaos Communication Congress (22C3) is a four-day conference on technology, so

  8. says:

    22C3 weblog and wiki online

    Just read on Tim’s weblog that both the Chaos Communication Congress weblog and wiki are up and running. Information on talks is still a bit sparse, but apparently Joi Ito will be attending, so if you need a reason to be there: that’s a b…