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Friday, November 21st, 2014

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Julia, dodger and erdgeist, the 31C3’s “meta content team”. Our mission is to coordinate the five so called “track teams” introduced for the 30C3 conference. We would like to give you a better idea of how the 31C3 Fahrplan is orchestrated, for what reasons lectures are accepted and rejected and how we strive to make the conference program even more interesting.

Mit der Bahn zum Congress / Take the train to the Congress

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
Symbolbild à la Bahn: Hacker auf dem Weg zum Congress

Symbolbild à la Bahn: Hacker auf dem Weg zum Congress

Wie in den letzten Jahren, bietet die Deutsche Bahn zum Congress wieder ein spezielles Veranstaltungsticket an. Der Mindestpreis ist wie im vergangenen Jahr bei 99,00 Euro.

Alle Informationen zum Ticket und zur Buchung des Tickets finden sich im Wiki.

Ab dem 04.11.2014 erhebt die Deutsche Bahn jedoch ein Zahlungsmittelentgelt für Zahlungen mit Kreditkarten und/oder PayPal ein – eine weitere indirekte Preiserhöhung. Wir empfehlen daher Bahntickets schon jetzt zu kaufen, bevor die Gebühr greift.

Außerdem gibt es im Wiki eine ausführliche Liste an Hotels und anderen Unterkünften: Einige Hotels bspw. das Radisson Hotel und das Generator Hostel bieten sogar spezielle Raten für die Congresszeit an.

As in previous years, the german railway company (Deutsche Bahn) is offering a special ticket for your travel to the Congress. The cheapest fare is, like last year, 99,00 Euro.

All further information regarding this special offer and how to book it can be found in the Wiki.

Starting 04.11.2014, Deutsche Bahn is asking for a payment-transaction-fee for payments made with credit-cards or PayPal – another indirect increase in prices. We would like to advise you, to book your tickets before that date.

Furthermore, an extensive list of hotels and other accommodations can also be found in the wiki: Some hotels like the Radisson Hotel and the Generator Hostel even offer a special rate for stays during the congress.

31C3 special terms at Generator Hostel

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

We’ve blocked some rooms in the Generator Hostel, which is close to central station

Double rooms are available for 70.00 Euro, a bed in a six-person dorm 17.00 Euro per night.

Please book your room by sending an eMail to – don’t forget to say the magic word “CCC2014″!


31C3 special terms at Radisson hotel

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

We’ve blocked some rooms in the Radisson hotel next to the conference venue.

Single rooms are available for 119.00 Euro, double rooms for 129.00 Euro per night, breakfast and WLAN included.

Book a room either at the hotel’s reservation page – or if you prefer booking by phone, don’t forget to say the magic word “31C3″!


The 31C3 Wiki is online: Get ready and contribute!

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Nearly exactly a year back we also went public with the conference website: our wiki, that serves as the main hub for the whole community driven and decentral approach of running the congress. We are using again some semantic forms to gather the various activities provided by all of you. Thanks that we all together make this happen!

So please go ahead and plan your travel and accommodation, check out the FAQ for an overview on all the information provided and you might also wanna have a look at the how-to-survive-guide.

Just like last year, our venue will be the CCH in Hamburg. and it will be filled up again by your awesome projects organized and accessible via your assemblies.

The wiki is always a work in progess, which you can be part of: Sign-up and contribute in various ways by improving its content. You have any addition or you found any error? Don’t hesitate to change them directly! When you come across a locked page or have further questions please contact us, we will do our best to help you.


Friday, September 19th, 2014

Einige werden mitbekommen haben, dass während des 30C3 lange Zeit nicht erreichbar war. Ursprung des Problems waren tatsächlich verschiedene Umstände: Zum einen haben wir im letzten Jahr deutlich mehr Funktionen im Wiki abgebildet, zum anderen haben wir ein dringendes Update des Servers zu lang vor uns her geschoben. Besser gesagt existierte der Server schon Monate vor dem Congress, der Umzug scheiterte letztlich an einem Mangel an Zeit.

Der Umzug wurde in einer Nacht- und Nebel-Aktion auf dem Congress nachgezogen, weshalb das Wiki am letzten Tag überhaupt wieder erreichbar war. Aufgrund der eiligen Aktion müssen nun einige Aufräumarbeiten nachgezogen werden. Daher kann es, wie schon in den letzten Tagen, zwischenzeitlich immer wieder zu kurzen Phasen der nicht Erreichbarkeit kommen.

Some of you might have noticed the downtime of during 30C3. Problems where based on multiple circumstances: On the one hand, we provided a lot mor effort to features within the wiki. On the other hand, we postponed the necessary serverupgrade a bit too long. We already rented a new system some month before the congress started, but did not find the time to move all pages over to it.

As the wiki broke down the pages were moved to the new server during the congress to get the wiki available on the last day. As this has been just a quick copy action, we actually did not have any time to clean the configuration of the server.  To have a working configuration on the next congress you might experience some downtimes during the next days as you might have notices during the last week.


31C3 Call for Participation Deadline imminent

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

It is this time of the year again – summer comes to an end, the leaves are turning brown, and the deadline for the 31C3 CfP is looming. So hurry up and submit your talk proposals before the submission deadline swooshes past on Sunday, September 14, 2014 (23:59 UTC).

You can find more information about submitting a talk to the 31C3 content team in the Call for Papers in english and german. All submissions of lectures and workshops have to be entered into our conference planning system, which is located at the following URL: Please follow the instructions there. If you have any questions regarding the submission, you are welcome to contact us via email at 31c3-content(at)

MRMCD14: Last information call from the building pit [EN]

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Only one day left until the MRMCD14 opens!

The MRMCD construction tape

We’re glad to provide you with unique construction site where you can attend workshops, listen to excellent speakers and build up your own ideas.

Unemployed workers willing to help are welcomed to participate in preparation for tomorrows first stone laying. Workforce is planned using our “angel tracking system” – just sign in and apply for a shift. Every worker on our MRMCD construction site gets professional and certified work-wear in compliance to current safety regulations. In addition we like to point out that the MRMCD is a community driven event with unpaid helper and organisers. We rely on your help to make this event a success! You find our angel planning system under

Android users on the construction site can make use of the MRMCD schedule app in the Play Store. The developer (@tbsprs on twitter) is open for feedback. The construction management says “thanks for the development!”. ( )

In case you like to participate in the Key-Signing-Party ( please register yourself until THIS EVENING! The registration closes at 23:59 today!

In case you did not get a ticket in our presale, you can get a ticket on site. The box office openes at around 16:30 and gives you a ticket in exchange for money. Early birds can shorten their waiting time by helping with the setup of the construction site.

MRMCD: Fahrplan v0.1 released, presale will close on Sunday (August 17th).

Saturday, August 16th, 2014
tl;dr: Presale ends: 17.08.2014 at 23.59h (CEST)
The MRMCD schedule
Only three weeks remainig until constuction starts at the large scale construction site IT security!

Those who could not yet decide themselves to participate at the construction need to act fast now. The presale for conference ticktes and clothing for the MRMCD ends finally at sunday, August 17th 2014 at 23:59. Payments need to be made latest until tuesday, August 19th!

Payments recived after the deadline probably will have to be refunded due to delivery times of our suppliers.

For spontaneous season workers we’ll offer an opportunity to purchase a ticket at the MRMCD construction site.
However no goodies or clothing are included in these tickets. Also the conference mugs can only be guranteed for presale tickets.

The construction management is happy to announce the completion of the construction phase “conference schedule planning”. As of now the MRMCD construction plan is available at The existing gaps in the schedule will be filled with more interesting events as new releases become available

MRMCD14: Construction phase CFP near completion. Construction of the schedule is about to start.

Thursday, August 7th, 2014
tl;dr: CFP ends on 11.08.2014 at 12:00 PM (MESZ)
The End is near


Prime contractors of the MRMCD 2014 building announce the end of the CFP construction phase which is scheduled for the upcoming weekend. Building companies which haven’t submitted a offering are kindly requested to submit their proposal as soon as possible.

The construction management is looking forward to plan the schedule next week. A draft can be expected to be published on the 14.08.2014.

Due to a generous grant by the Chaos Computer Club the MRMCD construction management can afford to pay accomodation and/or travel for proposing building companies (also called speaker). If a submission would otherwise not be possible due to financial constraints, we are happy to help out.

construction management MRMCD14

PS: The presale for visitors of the event will close in less than a week!