Photography at the 30c3: Watch where you’re shooting!

TL;DR: Ask everyone who you can see in your lens for their permission before taking a picture or video! If someone asks you to delete a photo they might be in, or put away your camera, please do so!

Each congress is a huge social event, a great time many people want to remember and share with their friends. Thanks to smartphones and social media, photography in public places increases year after year.

Some of you in attendance may be very accustomed to environments where taking pictures and videos in public areas is common place. The 30C3 is not one of those places. For a variety of reasons, including privacy, many people attending the 30C3 will not want to be photographed in any way.

Therefore, before raising your camera to take a picture or record a video, we kindly remind you to explicity seek the permission of all those who may be present in your image before shooting.

If anyone objects to your photography after the fact, please be courteous and offer to delete any pictures or video on your device and refrain from taking more pictures at that moment.

This has been a tradition at the congress since before the first cameraphone! You may even see people wearing “Keine Bilder!” t-shirts and hoodies. This means “No Photos!” and we ask that you continue to respect this tradition at the 30C3 no matter what you may be accustomed to elsewhere.

Of course we love seeing pictures of the congress everywhere and we don’t want to stop you from preserving your own special memories. However, please keep the rights of your fellow attendees in mind!

8 Responses to “Photography at the 30c3: Watch where you’re shooting!”

  1. Eddi says:

    Well, it’s a public event. At least, panorama shoots are allowed WITHOUT prior consent.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Late reply, but: Eddi, that’s where you’re wrong. The rules of this event explicitly state that pictures are not allowed until you have the express permission of everybody in the frame and said rules specifiically state that this prohibits panorama shoots.

  3. This is a silly tradition.

    Photography should be encouraged.

  4. nope says:

    Even if allowed by law inside the building there’s also the so called “Hausrecht des Veranstalters” (~ supremacy of the organizer), which is the ccc (…GmbH) and therefore the rules inside the congress can be stricter than in general public places. Also the congress is no public place but rather a private event for (paying or select) visitors.

  5. mad says:

    @Eddi: “Panoramafreiheit” is for pictures takes from public streets. Inside the CCH that obviously does not apply.
    Additionally the organizer can of course put up other restrictions.
    Thirdly, that rule has always been in place at the C3, and trying to argue against social consensus it by citing laws is just an asshole move.

  6. Robo says:


    It is a public event, but it is an event which has a traditional expectation of privacy that trumps the public aspect. In some areas of the world it is true that people do not have an expectation of privacy in public. The CCC is not one of those places.

    Happy Hacking!

  7. Oneiros says:

    When you entered the congress you accepted its rules: You HAVE TO ask EVERYONE. If you don’t like them: Get out.

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